You Control Tunes Review

Written by Lisa in Apps

Hey guys.  I hope your week was good so far!  This Friday I’ll be reviewing another type of iTunes controller application, You Control Tunes (we’ll call it YCT for short), by You Software.  Like Ecoute and Bowtie, YCT can play/pause and rewind/fast forward your music, except now it’s all from your menubar.

Have you guys ever had the problem where you are busy on another application and you want to change the song playing but you don’t want to take the time to switch between applications?  This happens to me sometimes and even though I could just use the  F7, F8, F9 keys, I always forget they are there.  You Control Tunes allows you to have those F7, F8, F9 keys, but in your menubar.  So instead of opening iTunes and disrupting what you were previously doing, you can click on your menubar and a custom menu will be pulled down.  You can decide what is displayed on this menu, like the basic iTunes controler (Next, Previous, Volume, Play, Pause, Stop), or even the artist, album, and current track.  YCT allows hot keys to be set to make control over iTunes even easier. You can also rate your music in the menubar.  Any changes made in the menubar will be updated in iTunes and vice versa.  Another great feature of You Control Tunes is similar to Bowtie.  YCT has a little Bowtie type theme with the artist, track name, and album on your desktop, but in my opinion, if you want your iTunes song displayed on your desktop, stick to Bowtie or Ecoute.

You Control Tunes is 100% free and a good alternative to the shareware application Ecoute.  There is one important thing you guys should know.  In order to use You Control Tunes, you need a serial number, which can be recived by filling out your name and email on their website.  YCT looks nice and has more features than most other applications that control iTunes.  It wouldn’t be my first choice if I needed an iTunes controller, but it has some useful features.  Bowtie and Ecoute don’t have the options to control iTunes from your menubar.  The ability to customize what you see in the menubar seems like a great idea, as seen in the picture bellow courtesy of You Software.  All in all, I’d give the application a four out of five because there are two better alternatives to this application, Ecoute and Bowtie, and this would only be number three on my list of iTunes controllers.  So this is what I think, how about you guys?  Leave a comment with your opinion or send me an email ([email protected])!

Here’s a quick summary for you guys.  You Control Tunes is a free application similar to Bowtie or Ecoute.  You do, however, need a serial number, which can be sent to you if you fill out a form on You Software’s website.  You have the ability to control iTunes from your menubar.  YCT also allows you to customize the pull down window in your menubar.  You can show/hide the current song, album, artist, and the rating for the current song.  This application, in my opinion, earns four our of five stars.


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  1. Loved the article. I too use YCT, but I agree that Ecoute and Bowtie are better. I use Ecoute most of the time, but YCT is free and the product works flawlessly.
    Thanks again for a quality review.

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