Wooden Stack

by Tomek Omelan

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Category: Stacks Icons


Note:  A beautiful wooden icon for your stacks.

Shortlink: http://bit.ly/lBX9yF (one click to select)


  1. Kev says:

    Une technique simple pour utiliser ces icônes pour les piles?
    Car même quand je renomme un icône dans ce genre et de ce fait le place en premier, j’ai toujours des icônes plus large qui dépassent.
    Une idée alors? :D

  2. tomeq says:

    Hi! Could You translate your question to english? Maybe I could help You :) ?

  3. Nessime says:

    “A simple technique to use these icons for the battery?
    Because even when I rename an icon in this genre and this is the first place, I still have wider icons beyond.
    An idea then?”
    translated using google :P

  4. Ac says:

    @Kev, ces icônes sont fait pour avoir les icônes de la pile qui dépassent ! En fait, c’est pour faire comme s’il étaient rangés ! Si tu veux uniquement l’icône de la pile, fait un clique droit sur ta pile dans le dock (ctrl-clic) et choisis l’option afficher comme dossier (sous snow-leopard) :)

  5. aC3 says:

    Kev’s comment:
    “A simple technique to use these icons for the stacks. Because, now, even thought I’ve renamed the icon and made it being placed always first, I have always bigger icons behind. Any ideas?”

    Ac’s comment:
    “@Kev, these icons are made in oder to be able to see the icons behind! So, it’s made in order to seem like they’re inside. If you want a unique icon for the stack, right click the stack and choose the option “Folder”.”

    Free translation, sorry if it sucks. My french suck.
    I don’t really think Ac understood Kev, but w/e ;p

  6. Kev says:

    @aC3: It’s OK my English suck too ;)

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