Winners of the dock design contest

Written by Vivian in Contests

Hi guys,

Last weeks, Kitestack and Iconpaper were holding a dock design contest. The contest was simple, you had to design a three tiles dock for DesktopShelves by Kitestack.

So, here are the winners.

1st. Apple Fan Mug by Sergio Alves!
2nd. Woodwork by Raphael R.!

  • Sergio win an iPod Shuffle and Raphael win a 25€ iTunes gift certificate.

Congratulations to them both! It was some pretty nice docks.

You can browse the submission by clicking on this gallery or crawl into all DesktopShelves designs on Kitestack.

Thanks to Kitestack for holding this contest! A first dock design contest for Iconpaper. And, of course, thanks to all participants, the dock designs submissions were great :) .

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  1. Sergio Alves says:

    wow thanks :D and congratulation to Raphael R. =)
    One thing tough, I have a problem, I need to talk with an admin please, it’s urgent! please contact me via the supplied e-mail =)

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