Weekly News Roundup: New iPod Shuffle, Nano and Touch. Revamped Apple TV. Ping.

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Even if you aren’t a true Apple fanboy/girl you probably know there was a big media event this wednesday. It is no big surprise that the week started with tons of rumors leading up to this event, and quite a few rumors were true. So this week’s roundup is basically a summary of everything that was announced at the Media event and the usual quick news is at the end.

1. iOS 4.1

This new version will be released next week for all iOS 4 compatible devices. Main changes: proximity sensor issue fixed, shooting HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos and the much awaited Game Center is also introduced in this version.

2. iOS 4.2

iOS 4.2 will be released in November and it will run on all iOS 4 compatible devices AND the iPad! So all iOS 4 features (multitasking, folders,…) will come to the iPad. The ability to stream music and videos from iTunes to iOS devices with AirPlay (a new name of AirTunes) will also be included. A new feature “Wireless Printing” will also be in this version.

3. New iPod Nano and Shuffle

The brand new iPod Shuffle’s have now a clickable wheel. The iPod Nano got a square touch screen and it runs on iOS. It also has a clip but the camera is gone.

4. iPod Touch 4

The new iPod touch is really a new iPhone 4 except that you can’t make and receive calls and can’t get data over 3G. So here is a list of the new features: It has the iPhone’s Retina Display, it can record 720p high-definition video and take photos with its back camera, it can FaceTime with other iPod touches and iPhone 4s, using its front camera, it runs at the same speed of the iPhone 4 (Apple A4 chip) and it incorporates the same 3-axis gyroscope of the iPhone 4. They have also increased the amount of playback time: 40 hours. Of course it will have iOS 4.1 built-in.

5. iTunes 10

A new version of iTunes is released the day of the event, with a new logo and user interface. Main UI changes: traffic lights are now vertical, the sidebar icons are grayscale and new hybrid layout option for your music library. In iTunes 10 Apple also announces a new feature called “Ping”. Ping is a new social place like twitter and facebook. You can follow your friends, artists, discover music they are talking about, listening and downloading.

6. Apple TV 2010

I was pretty excited about this, the newly announced Apple TV is only one-fourth the size of original and will be $99. It supports HDMI output (no 1080p), 802.11 WiFi-N and optical audio. They have removed the internal storage and therefor it completely depends on the cloud for streaming media content.

Apart from iTunes, you will be able to access Netflix, Youtube, Flickr and MobileMe services right from the comfort of your couch. To be honest, it’s not great at the moment, but hopefully there will be some amazing firmware updates in the future.

7. Coldplay

Not really a new product, but worth mentioning, Chris Martin – Coldplay singer – performed live at the end of the event and it was truly amazing, you should check it out, it’s at the end of the keynote (link).

So this was a brief summary of everything that happened at the Apple Media event. Of course some other things also happened in the Apple world this week, other news can be find in the Quick News.

Quick News

Jobs ‘Very Happy’ with Intel-Infineon deal – Twitter for iPad gets a fresh interface – spammers are already on Ping – facebook integration in Ping? – New iPod touch already tore down – Mac OS X 10.6.5 seeded to developers – no software update for original AppleTV.

iOS passes Linux and becomes third most popular internet browsing platform – montly iPad production to be pushed to 3 million – custom ringtone creation in iTunes 10 removed – showtimes added to movie trailer site.


  1. Vivian says:

    Yay! Finally we got a camera on the iPod Touch… should be here since the first gen though.

    Apple TV seems a great product… for US users. :(

  2. Jonas says:

    They said other countries will gain renting TV shows, movies, etc… later this year! Didn’t say which countries though :p

  3. Vivian says:

    LOL yes, here in Canada we’ll gain these services in… maybe 5 years :D

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