Weekly News 8: 27inch Cinema Diplay, Parallels 6, iOS 4.2 beta and more!

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Here we go, the 8th weekly Apple news. Not much happened at the beginning of the week so we’re starting at tuesday when MacRumors reported that they believe that Apple may have purchased a small Cambridge, UK-based company known as imsense for its expertise dealing with high dynamic range photography.

Now that Apple has officially announced that it will be ending the free case program as of September 30th (see last weeks news), Consumer Reports has once again noted its displeasure with Apple’s treatment of the issue and declined to add the device to its list of recommended models.

Remember last weeks news when there was some speculation about Parallels Desktop 6? Well, it’s now available! It launched on tuesday with a number of new features and refinements for users looking to run alternative operating systems in virtual environments on their Macs. As summarized on Parallels’ site, the update brings enhancements to gaming and graphics, simpler setup and integration, greater manageability and mobility, and better performance.

On wednesday Apple launched the first beta version of iOS 4.2. It will be released in November and will unify iOS across Apple’s mobile devices, bringing iOS 4 features such as multitasking to the iPad for the first time. It will also have some new features like AirPlay, AirPrint and more.

As anticipated, Apple started selling the 27″ Apple LED Cinema Display on their online store on friday. It features an incredible 2560×1440 resolution, LED backlighting for instant-on brightness, and an amazing 178-degree viewing angle. The 27″ display was first announced back in July and effectively replaces Apple’s 30″ Cinema Display. The 27″ monitor has an estimated ship time of 1-2 weeks and retails for $999.

There were a few rumors this week about iOS apps and App Store on the new Apple TV and on friday Steve Jobs was very open about this possibility in a Bloomberg Businessweek interview earlier this month, exciting stuff!

The news that iOS 4.2 allows any standard iOS video playback controller to potentially stream content to their Apple TV is continuing to generate some excitement at the end of this week. Seth Weintraub suggests that this is a bit of a Trojan horse strategy that will allow iPad and iPhone customers to stream a huge amount of content from Apps and the Web to their Apple TV:

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