Weekly News 7: iOS 4.1, FaceTime on iPad, Flash & Google Voice, iLife ’11 and more!

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Welcome to already number 7 of the weekly Apple news! Hopefully you had a nice week? Last week was pretty much iPod week, this week is more about the iPhone and Mac with iOS 4.1, Safari update and more!

On monday a TUAW reader reported that Parallels 6 appeared in the store shelves (un-expected) at a local Fry’s store. It’s strange, because it hasn’t yet been officially announced. (On thursday Parallels announced that its next-generation Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac will launch on September 14th.) A similar thing happened with iLife ’11 when it started to appear on Amazon.

A new Nike+ app was launched on tuesday – Nike+ GPS – and it’s actually pretty neat. This new application takes advantage of the GPS capability and accelerometer built into the iPhone to provide map-based tracking, as well as pace, and distance traveled, so you don’t have to buy the sensor anymore. It also has all the features of the other Nike+ app: challenges, voice feedback, powersong,…

Wednesday was a good day. Right on schedule, Apple released iOS 4.1 for the iPhone and iPod touch, it brings several new features and fixes. The new features include: Game Center social gaming network (for all iOS 4-compatible devices except iPhone 3G), support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos on iPhone 4, and HD video uploading to YouTube and MobileMe for iPhone 4. There are also several high-profile bugs fixes, including proximity sensor issues, performance issues on the iPhone 3G, and Bluetooth problems.

Apple announced on thursday that it is making several changes to its App Store developer policies and procedures, with one of the most significant changes being an easing of its earlier move to ban third-party compilers such as Adobe’s Flash-to-iPhone compiler it had built into Flash Professional CS5. This could be interesting, especially when Adobe announced later that day that they will resume the work on Flash-to-iPhone compiler.

Two quite interesting rumors about FaceTime on friday. The first one saying that FaceTime will come to Mac OS X and Windows and the second one that Apple is readying new FaceTime equipped iPads, so maybe we will see new iPad these holidays?

Quick News

September 6-7, 2010

Parallels 6 in store shelves on Sep. 14th – iLife ’11 appears on Amazon – new iPod touch has vibration rumor (no it doesn’t) – Apple spent 1$mill on Google advertising – Nike+ GPS released – Safari 5.0.2 and iWeb 3.0.2 updates – new iPods available in the stores.

September 8-9-19, 2010

iOS 4.1 released – iMovie 1.1 for iOS update – no vibration in new iPod touch’s – new iPod touch only 256MB RAM – field test mode in 4.1 restored (dial *3001#12345#*) – Game Center games appear in App Store – VLC player coming to the iPad – FaceTime on Mac and Windows - Maybe Google Voice back in the App Store, also Flash – iPhone 4 Case Program definitely ends September 30th – Apple readying FaceTime equipped iPads?

That’s it for this week, see you next week! And if you want to add me in the Game Center, I’m “jonasvdc” ;-) Cheers!

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