Weekly Apple News Roundup – 29/08/2010

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Hi all! Welcome to another weekly Apple news roundup! When last week was a week of rumors, this week was… quite the same, with tons of iPod rumors. The week started with some early benchmarks of the new Mac Pro’s and I must say, it’s really fast! Geekbench scores up to 30.000! (reference: my 2010 MacBook Pro i5 2.53 gets almost 6.000). Not much other interesting things happened on monday.

On tuesday Apple released a Mac OS X security update to fix the OS X PDF exploit (remember the iOS PDF exploit?). Fun fact, on tuesday it was announced that the fastest texting record (unofficially) is on an iPhone! Video proof is below.


An Apple Media Event was scheduled on September 1st! Probably something about a new iPod touch with Retina display and camera and (hopefully) some kind of new Apple TV (“iTV”) that runs iOS. Can you imagine playing your iOS games on your TV with your iPhone/iPad as controller? I sure can!! Other good news: iPad is expected to maintain its position as the tablet market leader.

iTunes Store to move to web? Well, this was the big topic on thursday when All Things Digital reported that any updates to Apple’s iTunes Store set to debut at next Wednesday’s media event may be likely to revolve more around creating a social, Web-based environment than a true cloud-based service. Interesting/exciting!?

Some rumors about the iPod nano though saying that the next generation will lose its click wheel and have a complete new design. It would be a more roughly square shape and thus have a square touch-enabled display.

Apple prepping Yerba Buena for September 1st media event:

Friday was a day almost dedicated to iPod rumors. iPod touch will get a backside camera, microphone and a new shape (MacBook Pro back, so flat rather than curved) and AppleInsider offered new claims that the iPod nano – scheduled for release on September 1st – will weigh more and will be more square-sized.

Quick News

New Mac Pro is fast – OS X PDS exploit fixed – fastest texting record on an iPhone (video proof) - Apple Media event on September 1st, new iPod Touch? iTV? – iPad maintain tablet market leader – webbased iTunes store? - New iPod nano, with camera, more square, loosing the click wheel.

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