Weekly Apple News Roundup – 01/08/2010

Written by Jonas in Apple news

Welcome to the very first weekly Apple news roundup here on Iconpaper. If you don’t want to read all of this you can scroll down for the quick news, with all highlights of this week.

The week started off with yet another delay of the white iPhone 4 and a lot of people are speculating that it might be because some antenna redesigning is being done, we’ll see. A new rumor also took place on monday, saying that iDVD will be replaced with a ‘mystery app’ in the new iLife ’11, hmm, I’m very curious how that will turn out.

Highlight of the week of course, the tuesday launch of a few new items and wonderful upgrades to the beloved iMac / Mac Pro’s. The new items include a 27” Cinema Display – coming this august, a ‘Magic Trackpad’ – something like a wacom tablet but in the same style as the wireless Apple keyboard and something very strange for Apple to launch, namely a battery charger, yes people, Apple is going into the battery industry.

Along with these new product launches Apple updated the Mac Pro (it is getting 12 cores now, ATI graphics and lots more crazy stuff) and the iMac line – faster processors, memory and graphic chips.

On wednesday Best Buy started offering free ZAGG InvisibleSHIELDs for iPhone 4 ownes to help with the ‘antenna problem’ (\me sighs).

Later that day, some of the new products were disassembled, including a new 27” iMac and the Magic Trackpad (picture on the right) by iFixit.

Thursday brought some exciting news when an Apple job posting suggested a ‘Revolutionary’ new Mac OS X Feature (link with iLife ’11 and the mystery app?). Also, Balmer on the iPad that day: “they’ve sold certainly more than I’d like them to have sold”, hah. And Apple started to take orders for the new Mac Pro coming August 9th.

Friday was a big day for a lot of people – including me, the launch of the iPhone 4! Unfortunately for New Zealand the launch was cancelled due to some contract issues with the carrier Vodafone.

Quick News:

White iPhone 4 is delayed, possible antenna fix. New iLife ’11 will be coming, byebye iDVD. Apple released 27” Cinema Display, new iMac hardware updates, Magic Trackpad, Battery Charger and 12 cores Mac Pro’s.

Best Buy offers free skins for iPhone 4, new Kindle arrives (maybe some competition), some new Apple things were torn apart, iOS 4.1 beta 2 is released, an exciting new revolutionary Mac OS X feature is coming.

New iPhone 4’s were launched in 18 countries, Sprint turns iPod touch in an iPhone, Balmer still hates the iPad. Apple opens new store in London on August 7th.

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