Weekly Apple News Roundup – 22/08/2010

Written by Jonas in Apple news

Hi everybody! A lot of rumors this week, you can find the Quick News at the bottom again. The week started with a rumor by Boy Genius Report that new iPhones and iPads are set to begin field testing. Later that day Adobe announced it has ‘moved on’ in the dispute it has with Apple over Flash on iOS devices, good for them!

On tuesday there was a new rumor saying that a 7-inch iPad will be launched by Christmas. Apple also released a Snow Leopard graphics update which contains stability and performance fixes for graphics applications and games, so if you haven’t downloaded it yet, download it!

Wednesday was a day with good news! First of all, HTML5 is gaining ground with Yahoo! Mail for iPad. Valve claimed frame rate improvements of up to 120% with the earlier mentioned Snow Leopard graphics update. Microsoft highlights compatibility, graphing and photo editing in Office for Mac 2011 (video below) and Verizon will offer live TV streaming on the iPad.


Quite a big rumor again on thursdayGoogle is set to launch a Chrome OS tablet in late november (26th) manufactured by HTC and data service plans by Verizon. Thursday was also the day that Apple overhauled its online store with “Compare Macs” feature and collapsible configuration sections, pretty cool actually.

Not much news on friday, the biggest ‘highlight’ was that Steve Jobs answered an e-mail from a frustrated user about the issues he had with the iPhone 3G’s performance under iOS 4. Jobs’ response was unsurprisingly short: “Software update coming soon. Sent from my iPhone“. And yet another next-generation iPod Touch LCD and front panel parts surface.

Only one interesting story on saturdayLAPTOP has been evaluating the performance of Adobe’s Flash Player 10.1 on a number of different mobile devices, specifically focusing on the new Droid 2. With Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ open letter published in late April claiming that Adobe had yet to deliver a Flash Player running well on a mobile platform, there has been considerable interest now that Adobe’s much-hyped Flash Player 10.1 is finally making its way to platforms such as Google’s Android. Based on LAPTOP‘s experience on the Droid 2, however, much still seems to be lacking.

Quick News

new iPhone and iPad set to begin field testing – new Apple Support Discussion Forums coming – Adobe had moved on – 7 inch iPad under the Christmas tree.

Snow Leopard Graphics Update released – new iPad commercial – HTML5 in Yahoo! Mail for iPad – 120% improvement on frame rates says Valve due to graphics update – Microsoft highlights a few positive things regarding Office for Mac 2010.

Chrome OS Tablet coming November 26th – Apple Online Store revamped – Mac OS X 10.6.5 seeded to developers – new iOS 4 update with fix for 3G performance issues coming soon! – new iPod touch parts leaked – Droid 2 can’t handle Flash.

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