Weekly Apple News Roundup – 15/08/2010

Written by Jonas in Apple news

Welcome to the third weekly Apple news roundup! Scroll down to the bottom of the post for the quick news.

The week started of with Microsoft launching a ‘PC vs. Mac‘ section on their Windows 7 website, pretty lame if you ask me, it certainly didn’t make me think to switch back to Windows. Not much interesting stuff happened later that day.

Tuesday was the day that Apple started the “App Store Volume Purchase Program”  (or ASVPP) for educational institutions, in my opinion it’s a good thing, I’d love to see something like that coming to Europe. Also on tuesday, Adobe – you know, the company in war with Apple – enabled Mac hardware-accelerated decoding in Flash Player 10.1. You can download it from their site.

Wednesday was a big day. Apple started replacing overheated first-gen iPod Nanos in Japan, ouch and they released  iOS 4.0.2 and 3.2.2 to fix the PDF security hole. A few rumors came up: Apple TV will become iTV? No white iPhone 4′s until end of the year? Next iPod touch with Retina and two camera’s? Oi. And there’s also an Apple iPod Media Event rumor by All Things D for September 14th-15th.

Apple’s batteries are actually Sanyo Eneloops? That’s the news on thursday. Some testing by SuperApple.cz confirmed the suspicion, not a surprise though, as it was unlikely that Apple took on the task of reinventing rechargeable battery technology on its own.

Also that day Gartner released a report covering worldwide mobile phone sales, Apple is sneaking up on Motorola but Android surges past iOS.

Friday was the day that ITV executies were furious over the rumored Apple TV change (iTV) and they are gearing up with for a fight with tons of lawyers, should be fun!

To end the week, Apple seeded the first developer build of Mac OS X 10.6.5 and developers are being asked to focus their testing on iCal, Mail, Printing, 3D Graphics, QuickTime and X11.

Quick News

Microsoft released “PC vs. Mac” section – App Store Volume Purchase Problem for educational institutions launched – Adobe enabled hardware-accelerated decoding.

iOS PDF Exploit fixed – Apple TV to become iTV (r) –> British network ITV is furious – iPod touch will get Retina and two cameras (r) – Apple batteries are actually Sanyo Eneloops batteries.

Apple is sneaking up on Motorola – Android surges past iOS – developer build of Mac OS X 10.6.5 released.


  1. I’m really loving the new blog and news entries. Much appreciated.

  2. Vivian says:

    Thanks for your kind words :)

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