Weekly Apple News Roundup – 08/08/2010

Written by Jonas in Apple news

Welcome to another Weekly Apple News Roundup! You can scroll to the bottom again if you want the quick news or you can read the complete post for some more details.

The week started off pretty good in Apple Land when there was announced that Apple will probably take the top spot in portable computing market share. This quarter they’re the third and on this trajectory they will soon become first – see the graph below.

Also on monday (or was it sunday?), a web-based jailbreak was released for almost every iOS device – including the iPhone 4. You can find it at jailbreakme.com and you must visit the site from your iOS device of course. I’ve tried the jailbreak (on iPhone 4) but it didn’t take me long to restore to the genuine iOS, battery life decreased, it felt slower, blabla…

On tuesday Apple seeded iOS 4.1 beta 3 to the developers – including me :D – and it included a few changes, the main one was that email-based facetime support became available, so it’s pretty sure that facetime will become available on the next generation iPod touches.

Remember the jailbreak from the third paragraph? Well, on wednesday CNET reported that Apple has developed a software fix for the iOS security hole exploited to enable that web-based jailbreak and that the fix will be deployed in the upcoming software update.

Thursday. Some small news, Apple opened a new store in London and started researching methods to turn your iPhone into a bike computer, pretty neat, huh?

The Beatles and Apple are still unable to reach an iTunes distribution deal, c’mon, seriously? Damn you Ono! I don’t mind though, I have the remastered Beatles box set :-) , it’s really nice, you should buy it.

And to end the week, an analyst claims that new iPod Touches, iPod Nano’s, MacBook Air’s and smaller iPad’s will be released in September.

Quick News:

Apple top spot portable computing market share – web-based jailbreak, jailbreakme released – Apple is fixing it in the next update – Game Center support for 3G dropped in iOS 4.1 beta 3 – iPhone 4 unlocking released.

MobileMe iDisk music streaming possible – new iPod touches with camera probably in September – new store in London – Apple turning iPhone into a bike computer.

Apple and The Beatles still at war.

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