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Written by Chris Weiss (hotiron) in Tips and tricks Tutorials Mac

Want to know how to change that pesky open folder? We all know applying themed resources is a good way to customize the Leopard or Snow Leopard user interface. But there are other small tweaks you can do that also add up to a smooth looking custom desktop. I just discovered a new customization for my favorite Mac file manager, Path Finder by Cocoatech, that I think adds just the right kind of additional subtlety. This tip works on the current version Path Finder (v5) as well as most recent and previous versions. This is nothing major, it’s just a small tweak I did the other day that I thought made Path Finder look much friendlier.

I noticed that most of my favorite system folder icon sets include an “open” style generic folder icon. I am currently using Susumu’s (now ancient) Cats3 icon set. I like the Blue set and although the original site is offline I have found a working download link to the files. After applying these recently I noticed every time I used CandyBar to change my system folders from the original textured blue folders, when I opened a folder in list view in Finder and Path Finder, I always saw the old style folder icon as the “opened” folder. This was odd looking as all the other icons were themed, all but the active “open” folder. It really bugged me. It was always there reminding me of the old Leopard folders I was trying so hard to get away from. It bugged me to the point where I would not use a replacement system folder icon set because of it. But after a few Google searches on default locations I was able to manually change all of the default folder icons. Even the open folder! The weird thing is that Finder itself does not appear to make use of the open folder icon resource for some weird reason. I can’t seem to make Finder show an open folder in list view. Maybe there is a terminal command to do this but I have not found it yet. So the following link is an simple, step-by-step visual tutorial to help you change the open folder icon if you are using Path Finder and a custom system folder set.

open folder icon tutorial for path finder


  1. James says:

    Hey. Nice Tip, could i just ask you, where do you get those icons for Documents, Music, Downloads, Applications, Tools, Graphics….. ect they go really well together but i am unsure where to get them from :-D

    Thanks. :-)

  2. hotiron says:

    Thanks, they are high quality icons! Sadly they are all a mix, there is no one set I can point you to. But luckily you can find most here. I’d start with the Cats3 download link in the post (you’ll get Apps there Then search on “Rask” here on iconpaper (some are Jonas Rask, download Danish Royalty Free) and also search on “Susumu” and download Sidebar — and then you’ll have almost all of them!check out

  3. hotiron says:

    Here’s the link to Y.Susumu’s wonderful work (forgot that one).

  4. James says:

    Thank you so much! :-) This is the best website ever.

  5. Johndoe says:

    Hey, thank you for this tip.
    Could you please tell me what theme are you using and where i can download it?

    Thank you.

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