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This week Iconpaper featured a small survey at the bottom of our page.  A lot of you guys have requested some more application reviews, so here is another installment.  A very popular request on our survey was a review for an application called facade.  This application is known as vaporware, or an application that has not been released on the date it was said to be.  The mac community believes that this application has stopped being developed and most likely will never be released, sorry guys!

Now onto the current application review for this Friday.  Last week I reviewed the application CleanMyMac.  I told you guys it was very helpful for people going back to school and wanting to save space.  This week I’m reviewing Things.  It is also great for students.  Things, an application made by Culture Code, keeps track of all your “things”, like tests, projects, homework, or everyday things like taking out the trash, paying the bills, or when to buy more groceries.  I have both the desktop and the iPhone application, and they both are great!

I’m going to start the review with the features.  Things manages your tasks and tells you when something is due or is coming up.  Anything you have to do, whether it be school work or house work, can be put on Things.  Things has a leopard type theme and allows us to see all the features very clearly on the sidebar.  The first category on the sidebar is ‘Inbox’.  ’Inbox’ is a place where all your ‘To Do’ items will go when you haven’t put them in a specific place.  When you make a new item from the ‘Quick Entry’ feature (does just what the name says), it will go to the Inbox list.  The next feature that can be found on the sidebar is the ‘Today’ list.  The Today list holds all the items you plan on finishing that day.  Here’s an example.  Today is Friday and I have a test that I have put in things.  It also happens to be due today.  Things will move the item, whether it’s a test or a reminder, from wherever it was into you ‘Today’ list.  This way your dock icon gets a badge and reminds you until you delete the item.  The next feature, called ‘Next’, shows all upcoming ‘To Do’ items.  Under the ‘Next’ list is ‘Scheduled’.  The ‘Scheduled’ list is for all repeating ‘To Do’ items, and projects, or items that you want to start at a later date.  There are a couple more features, but i’m going to cover only one more.  The rest, along with the ones i told you about already can be researched more on the Culture Code website.  The last feature I’m reviewing is the ‘Projects’ list.  ’Projects’ shows all the items that must be completed in more than one step.

Things is a great application, and best of all it is so easy to use.  The UI for Things looks nice, really simple.  When I first heard of the application I was thinking, “that is a stupid name for an application, it sounds like the developers got lazy and just named it a thing.”  I was wrong, Things is named because it organizes all your things.  It’s great for a students, like me, and I can’t think of any reason not to buy it.  As you can see in the picture, I already have three vocabulary tests, one was today.  The only downside is that the application is $50 and is possibly the most expensive application I’ve reviewed so far.  There is, however, a special offer for students.  The educational store on the Culture Code website sells Things for $35.  My opinion is that it is completely worth buying.  You could also download the application and use the free trial.  Of course, this is just a free trial and does not last forever.

So there you go guys.  Things, made by Culture Code, is a vital application if you want to keep all of your tests, homework, projects, goals, or just work around the house on task.  Things lets you organize your items by date and categories.  Although it is $50, it is extremely useful and I guarantee you will be using it for a long time.



  1. Mike says:

    The THING is, it is extremely pricey for students, and we don’t really need all those extra features if we can get simpler ones for free

  2. Lisa says:

    Yes, it is very pricey. We might possibly have a giveaway of Things serial numbers if Culture Code allows us to.

  3. Things is an awesome app, it became part of my life and I cannot live without it anymore. But it is a pain to sync over WiFi, it does not have over the air sync with iPhone/iPad, they are promising it for a while, but they have no ETA. It is pricey, but it worth every penny.

  4. Cerise says:

    That would be great if you guys could. This app is great. But the price is a little bit too much for me right now.

  5. Lisa Waldo says:

    Great news guys, Culture Code has generously given us three serial numbers for you guys. The giveaway will start soon!

    Also guys, if you get the educational serial number it’s only $35. I’ll update my article for new readers.

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