TaskMate Review

Written by Lisa in Apps

Welcome to another edition of iconpaper’s Friday’s application reviews.  So, I’ve written all about applications like Things and Anxiety.  Both are great applications, but I’m going to add a third application to this list.  TaskMate makes the traditional to-do list simple and easy to use.

TaskMate has some pretty basic, easy to understand instructions.  It is a lightweight task manager designed to help you without getting in the way.  It stays in the corner of your screen and ready when you need to add new tasks.  You can click to add, remove, or check off a completed task.  Once the task is marked as done, it disappears, leaving your uncompleted tasks visible.  Of course, when you need to access your already completed tasks, they are easily found in the toolbar.  Another great features is the ability to export your tasks to other applications via TextEdit.  Sounds good?

TaskMate is not my favorite application out of the three listed above.  Some pros, you can drag and drop notes into TaskMate and really easy to use.  However, I do not like how you cannot drag notes out of TaskMate.  Also, no alarms or signs can be set for important notes.  TaskMate is a nice, free application, but defiantly not my favorite.

Everyone have a safe and great weekend.  Make sure to enter our CleanMyMac giveaway if you have not yet, it is going to being great!


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