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Superdocker allows you, as it’s name suggests, to change the theme of your dock. It also lets you customize your Safari loading bar, your dashboard, and your stacks,… Not to mention grant you access to a multitude of hidden features on your Mac.

Further information

  • Latest version : 3.0.3
  • Licence : Free
  • Configuration : 10.5.4 or higher
  • Website and download :


Let’s start with the primary purpose of this software: customizing the dock. Here you will find a lot of options such as separators, different effects for the minimizing of windows (the 3 usual effects for this software are vacuum, scale, and engineering), options to alignments (quite unique for this kind of software), and more.

Superdocker also lets you change the theme of your dock. To do this, click on customize your dock and then drag the image files as a theme. Alternatively, you can download a dock in DockSD3 from the SuperDocker site and run it. SuperDocker will take over and add the theme in its list. Note that the common format iContainer is also accepted.

For those that have no background but want to simply present the background color, you can also change the background color of a dock already created. Simply check the “Customize the background color in 3D dock” and select a color


Superdocker allows you to change the pop-up display of your stack to “grid mode” (a white frame around icons on mouse over), and choose different colors to replace the black background. The opacity stays the same, though.

It also allows you to add a stack for “Recent Applications”, a good idea.


In the Dashboard menu, SuperDocker gives us the famous “developer mode” (which can already be activated through a command in Terminal). This mode allows you to keep widgets on the desktop.

That’s not all: here we can customize the toolbar applications in Dashboard (the one that appears by pressing [+] in the bottom left). Again, here you will need to drag the image files and click ‘apply’. SuperDocker will do the rest.


The Safari section allows us to activate “development mode” and “web inspector”. Also part of the journey here, the famous option to force the display of popups (type _blank in a new tab). This hidden Leopard option has already been discussed being already accessible via a command line in the Terminal, but here it’s accessible via just a checkbox.

SuperDocker, in its concern for personalization, even enables you to change the theme of Safari’s loading bar.

And the rest.

The 3 other sections of SuperDocker are a succession of boxes to check or uncheck. Here are a list of some of the options you can activate, in bulk.

  • Activate the option “Quit” in Finder.
  • Show invisible files.
  • Change the display title of Finder.
  • Select the type of image file used for screenshots (Cmd + Shift + 3, or Cmd + Shift + 4).
  • Remove window shadows.
  • Disable the popup that appears when an application unexpectedly quits.
  • Change the login screen.
  • View the debug menu in iCal, Address Book, and Disk Utility.
  • Disable the links to the iTunes Store (those famous arrows!).
  • Disable the automatic backup of iPhones and iPod touches when connected to a Mac.
  • Disable the message Time Machine sends when you connect a hard drive to your Mac (asking whether or not it should use that disk for backup).
  • Choose the intervals at which Time Machine backs up (up to the minute).

In the next tutorial, I’ll explain how to create a dock.


  1. MacFook says:

    Hi. I recently discovered your site and marveled at the great possibilities to make my Mac more original. I tried to change my dock, but the download link for the application ‘superdocker’ isn’t working 8O (‘server is forbidden?’). I’ve tried several things, but that didn’t get me any further. Do you know what to do?

    Thanks anyway!

  2. Tina says:

    You can still download a copy of SuperDocker at Softpedia. Here is the link:

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