Spark Review

Written by Lisa in Apps

Have you guys ever wished there was an application that could assign simple hot keys for all your application.  Spark, an application by Shadow Lab, gives you guys the ability to assign system wide shortcuts for launching applications, opening folders, and preforming other Mac actions.  Sparks is a very convenient application if you do not feel like going into the application folder and finding the application you need.

There comes a time when you have enough applications in your dock.  Eventually we collect too much and your dock becomes cluttered and disorganized.  Sparks lets you assign hot keys to access these applications instead of keeping them on the dock.  You could assign the hot key Control + Shift + Option to open a folder or maybe Control + Shift + any number/letter to open a certain application.  This is very useful for you Mac users if you don’t want to life your hands from your keyboard.  Even better, there are shortcuts available for features in iTunes, like rating a song or pausing one too.

spark offers a variety of hot key groups.  As you can see in the above picture, there is hot keys for AppleScripts, applications, documents, iTunes, System, and more.  All you have to do to add a hot key in each category is click the gear icon on the top and you’re set.

This application, in my opinion, seems very useful.  Although it is not my favorite out of all the application I have reviewed, it is useful.  I know there have been times when I was typing something up and I needed to open I different application that wasn’t in my dock.  I hated having to stop what I was doing to go to my application folder and then click the application I wanted.  Even though I have never heard of the Spark application since this week, I still recommend it.  It’s been helpful for the week that I have been using it and does not cause any problems for me.  Go download it, guys!



  1. Cerise says:

    It kinda reminds me of using Quicksilver.

  2. Going to test it now. I agree with @Cerise, it looks like just a launcher for apps. I’ve used Quicksilver for a while and now use Alfred. I love it still, but I’m looking to see if it has a little more control over the apps rather than launching and quitting.

    Still excited to test this guy out and get the hands dirty. Another great review! :)

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