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This Friday I will be reviewing an application called SlipCover.  SlipCover was released last year and since then it has been a hit.  SlipCover, from Bohemian Coding, allows you to create custom folder icons for all your media files, like for T.V. shows, movies, etc.  To make things even easier, the entire application is just one small window, similar to AppZapper.  The best part about SlipCover is that it is free!

SlipCover solves the problem of having no icon for your media file.  To put a case into SlipCover, simply drag the .case into SlipCover’s window.  Next time you use SlipCover, your case will be in SlipCover’s drop down menu.  If you want to change your media file, say a movie, just drag the movie file into SlipCover’s window.  All you have to do to save the new icon is drag it onto your desktop.  SlipCover is a simple to use application that solves all your cover art problems.

There are so many websites that have cases for SlipCover.  The first website I would like to mention is our very own IconPaper.  The IconPaper post features two pages of cases made by some great artists.  Dustin Schau, one of the creators of SlipCover, has compiled a nice bundle of 8 cases as a starter pack.  They can be found on his website.  The great icon artist, Mathew Rex, has made some great cases for SlipCover, which can be found on his website.  There are also a bunch of other great cases on MacThemes as well.

Bohemian Coding provided a case template, which can be found on their website.  A starter kit was made by Dustin Schau.  This can be found on MacThemes.

SlipCover has a remarkably small number of bugs in its system.  It  is a great app and I’ve been using it since day one!  It has solved a problem that I’ve had since I started putting my movies in iTunes and Finder.  I would always ask myself, how can I get an icon of the movie poster that isn’t so plain.  Once SlipCover was made, I was able to put those movie posters into Blu-Ray cases, DvD cases, and many others.  For this, I give SlipCover five out of five stars!  However, I did fine one flaw.  If you drag a file onto the case in SlipCover directly, you get an .ICON file.  If you drag the case away, you get an .ICNS file.  The problem with a .ICNS file is that it cannot be used to change file icons.  A way around this is to put your saved .ICNS file into CandyBar and then export it into .ICON.

So here’s a quick conclusion to the review.  SlipCover, a free and easy to use app, solves the problem of making artwork for your media files.  It can be found on the Bohemian Coding website.  SlipCover has many cases made by many great icon artists.  It is a small application, but has great UI.  SlipCover, in my opinion, has earned the review of five out of five stars!



  1. Dustin Schau says:

    Thanks for the review, there has been remarkably few!

    And 5 stars, very nice :)

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