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Hey guys.  Been about two or three weeks since my last post.  How is everything going?  Today we will be reviewing Skitch, a very useful application for those who need to take notes on a screenshot or picture, plus some more great features.  So, stick around and keep reading.

Skitch is an application described as “Your image swiss army knife.  Screen capture, crop resize, sketch… then share with people… Fast.”  Just from this quote, we can see all the vital and major features of Skitch.  Setting up Skitch is very simple.  There are three different versions of Skitch you can buy/download.  The best, Skitch Plus, is $19.95 yearly and is clearly the best version made.  Then there is Skitch, the most popular version.  This is $9.99 yearly and has almost all of the Skitch Plus features.  The last is Skitch Lite, a free version of Skitch that will have less features but great if you need to quickly write some notes on a screenshot.  It can be downloaded and bought from their website or bought from the Mac’s App Store.

We’ll start with Sketch Plus and the regular version.  The benefit of these two is the ability to take a screenshot of a whole page on Safari (or a similar application like Firefox), not just the part you can see.  With Plus and regular, you can crop, resize, rotate, flip, add a dropshadow, and add a watermark to any picture dragged in.  This can be done through a series of different tools, like the pen, text, shapes, and arrows features.  Once you finish editing your picture or screenshot, you have a series of options on what to do next.  You can copy the image link to your clipboard or tweet the picture.  The new image can be saved as a JPG, PNG, TIF, SVG, PDF, GIF, BMP, and SKITCH file.  These saved files can be upload to Flickr, Skitch’s website, FTP, SFTP, or .me.  Now here is where the two versions differ.  Sketch Plus allows you to upload an unlimited number of files to Skitch’s website.  The regular version allows 300 images, which should be enough for most users.  As for ads, Plus features no ads in the application.  If you use the regular version, there will be no ads in the Skitch application, but ads will appear on the Skitch website.

The Lite version, unlike the other two, captures only part of a website, not the full thing.  You can only crop, resize, and rotate your images, however you can still use the pen, arrow, text, and shape tools.  With the lite version, you can only copy the link or upload it to twitter via the in-app Twitter feature.  A file can only be saved as JPG, PNG, and SKITCH.  You can upload 300 images, like the regular version, and ads will be displayed in the application and website.

So, the application itself is great, in my opinion.  I would highly recommend it if you need to take notes on maybe an online book or webpage.  I love how there are three different options for those with a certain amount of money or want a certain feature over the others.  I have used it countless times since I bought the Plus version, and I love it.  Once again, Skitch,which can be downloaded from their website or bought through the Mac’s App Store, is a great application.

Have a great Friday everyone and feel free to email me at [email protected] for any new suggestions for future reviews!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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