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As you all know, here at Iconpaper, Fridays mean application reviews, and today is no exception!  As I lie here in Florida (don’t you just love spending a winter break in a warm place?), I am trying to think of some application to review.  I came up with Shapeshifter, by unsanity.  It allows you to change your Mac’s themes.  It costs $20.00 but does have a free trial available.  ShapeShifter includes features like changing your desktop backgrounds, icons, windows, menubar, application buttons, and etc.  These different abilities allow you to switch up your Mac according to your feelings.

There are so, so many different features in ShapeShifter.  For example, you can change the overall appearance of your Mac safely and quickly.  Not all application can say that!  You can also modify others’ themes to your taste, making the perfect theme for you.  Another feature is the ability to quickly preview themes without applying them.  My favorite feature by far is the ability to use Jaguar or Panther themes in Tiger effortlessly.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I haven’t seen another application capable of doing the same thing.  That’s about it for features.

I’m sure some of you are asking “what are themes and we can I get one?”  Well good question!  Themes are different GUIs (or graphical user interface) that replaces the default GUI (which can include sounds, icons, wallpaper, screensaver, windows, etc.) of your computer.  Many websites have sections dedicated to applications like ShapeShifter.  For example TwisterMc made some holiday themes for Christmas and Halloween, although there is a very limited selection of themes because the owner has stopped making them.  Another website, InterfaceLIFT has a 17 pages filled with themes just for ShapeShifter.  These two are great, but forums are also a great place to stumble upon a nice theme.  Forums like InsanelyMac and MacHeist do just that.  As you can see above (sorry for the bad quality shot), when a theme is applied, your mac will look like the preview.

All this is great, earning ShapeShifter a four out of five stars in my book.  This grade may be due to the little amount of time I spend towards theming my mac.  I usually do it all with CandyBar and SystemPreferences, nothing special.  To sum up, ShapeShifter costs $20.00 but does have a free trial available.  It’s handy for a themer but not to someone with little interest.  I would suggest buying this application if you think you would use it often, otherwise just do what I do.  Have fun theming and have a safe, Merry Christmas.  For those who celebrate Kwanzaa, happy early Kwanzaa.  Happy Holiday’s guys and make sure to check back next week for a new review!  *The winners of the CleanMyMac giveaway will be announced very soon!!!*


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  1. Matt says:

    Important note: NOT compatible with Leopard OR Snow Leopard

    Otherwise, pretty cool app. And the developers are working on getting it to work on Snow Leopard. It is a haxie though, so YMMV.

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