Senuti Review

Written by Lisa in Apps

Hi everyone!  I’ve been using Senuti, an application by  FadingRed, and I thought I would share it with you today. Senuti is a Mac OS X 10.5 (or later) application that works with the iPod and iPhone. Read on for more information and a secret surprise at the end of the review.

iTunes is a great application but there is one thing in particular that bothers me. If I put a song or file on an apple product (like my phone) through iTunes, I cannot drag from my phone to my iTunes library. This just does not make sense to me. If you can put things on your iPhone and iPod, then you should be able to drag it off. Senuti solves this problem.


Senuti allows Mac users to copy any song, playlist, movie, or tv show from you iPhone or iPod (not your iPad) and place the files on your desktop. Although I don’t use it everyday, I still find Senuti useful to have around, just in case I accidentally delete a movie or song on my computer.

Senuti is a paid application. It costs $18.99 for one license. FadingRed does offer a 30 day, 1,000 song trial. I recommend trying it out before buying Senuti.  All pictures above are courtesy of FadingRed.

I want to wish a safe and happy New Years to everyone. Come back to Iconpaper at 12am EST January 1st for a chance to enter an application giveaway contest. If you can’t make it or stay up that late, the contest will be going for a week (January 7th). Thanks for reading and once again, happy New Year!




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