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It’s Friday and that means another installment of IconPaper’s application review!  Today, I will be reviewing Ravissant, an app that customizes your Mac login screen.  Ravissant was made back in August of 2009 by Jake Moore and Alex Zielenski.  The app gives you the ability to add a replacement logo instead of the Apple logo, to change the OS test, welcome message, and the background image behind everything.  I’ve been using Ravissant since a couple months after it was released, and so far, only one complaint, but we’ll get to that later.  Want to hear something great about this app?  Ravissant is free!

Ravissant is an easy to use application that takes very little time to change your plain, white login screen into a personalized welcome page.  There are six simple steps you must follow to start customizing.  The first step: download Ravissant on their website (which seems to be down now) or on MacUpdate.  After downloading, a window will open and you will be able to begin your customizing.  In the window, you have five options (the five remaining steps).  If you click Logo, a blue box will outline the Apple logo.  Once outlined, you can drag a picture of 90×90 or smaller (keep in mind the smaller the picture, the blurrier the logo will get) into the box.  The Apple will be replaced with whatever picture you dragged.  If you want to continue customizing, you can click the OS Text.  This will outline the part of the window that would normally say Mac OS X.  I changed it to say IconPaper.  The welcome text is the text below the Host Info.  You may add any message you want to see when you log in.  The Host Info option allows you to display the date and time, serial number, IP address, ect.  Lastly, you can customize the background of your login screen.  I chose a very dark blue color, the background of IconPaper.  You can chose any color you want or a wallpaper as your background.

Many users on DevianArt have posted different backgrounds and logos that you can use.  Deon Mustard posted a Ribbon themed login pack for Snow Leopard.  Tyralion posted backgrounds featuring different mac laptops for your login screen (other types of macintosh computer login screen wallpapers are in his gallery).  My personal favorite is Olivier Charavel’s Leopard Login Screen.

Ravissant is a great application, but the creators have stopped making updates for it.  I’ve been using it for awhile but I did stop because once I got my login screen how I liked it, I didn’t need the application anymore.  In fact, the last time I opened Ravissant was last year when I was first customizing my login screen.  In my opinion Ravissant is only useful for awhile unless you plan on changing your login screen frequently.  A feature I wish was included is the ability to change the login buttons.  Most of these login screen packs i’ve linked to include different buttons.  If you want to change the default buttons to your new ones, you have to go into the file and change it yourself.  Other than this, I am pretty happy with the application.

For all our followers who have no interest in reading the whole article, here is a short summary.  Ravissant is an application allowing users to change and personalize their login screen.  You can change the apple logo, Mac OS X text, welcome text, host info, and the background.  You can customize those parts of the login screen by simply dragging your replacement pictures over the previous logo or background in the Ravissant window.  You can change the text by typing new information and erasing the old.  Lastly, Ravissant , in my opinion, is only useful when you need to change your login screen, which has been once for me.  I only keep the application in case I need it, but I don’t use it anymore.  Also, Ravissant, which has stopped being updated, is missing features like changing the default login screen buttons.  In the end, I gave Ravissant a three and a half stars out of five.

three-and-a-half stars

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