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Sorry for not writing an application review yesterday, I was a bit busy.  To make up for it, I will be posting yesterday’s today.  School can be tough and you can get distracted really easily.  So when I was writing a paper a couple days ago, I was trying to figure out a way to use my computer without get distracted and visit a website.  I looked around on the internet and I found one.  The application, called OmmWriter by Rafa Soto, does just what I needed.  It is a typing application that provides a minimal background for you to type over.  It is simple and elegant.

OmmWriter has a couple of features.  As you can see in the picture, there are backgrounds.   One feature is the ability to change the background a the snowy, white picture, to plain white or grey.  If you buy the paid version (Dana II), much more backgrounds become available, like rainbows and such.  Another interesting, unique feature reminds me of a typewriter.  Whenever you type a letter out, a sound will play.  This sound, like the background, is interchangeable.  I personally love this feature.  There are three different sounds available, but like the backgrounds, more can be unlocked in the paid version.  Up next is the font features.  You can change the size of the font from this size, to +1 bigger, to +2, and +3 bigger than the original.  You can also change the font from this to a more typewriter esque font or cursive.  The final feature is standard on all writing applications.  You can save and open your different documents.  What is interesting about this application is that you can save a file as a textedit file, PDF, or RTF.  Some OmmWriter users have complained that there should be some sign that lets you know you made a spelling mistake.  Even though there is no feature like this on OmmWriter, you can enable your ‘Check Spelling While Typing’ feature on your computer.  This can be done by right clicking and going to the grammar and spelling section.  Words that are misspelled will be written in red once you continue on to the next word.  The one problem with this is that sometime your computer does not know a certain word yet, like esque.  I have written that word twice now and my computer seems to think I do not know how to spell it.  These are just about the only features on the free version.  When the paid version is bought, more font, font sizes, backgrounds, and sounds are unlocked.

As you can see in the picture, I have written this whole application on OmmWriter without one break.  I find this pretty impressive since I usually take breaks while writing my reviews.  OmmWriter is a great application and I will surely be using it for all my school papers and Iconpaper reviews.
Here is a quick summary of this post.  OmmWriter, by Rafa Soto, is a Mac application similar to Microsoft Word.  You can type all of your school papers or work documents all from OmmWriter without getting distracted.  You can listen to the soothing sound of your keys clicking away thanks to the keyboard sound feature.  Along with that, you can type over a minimal background that will be a nice backdrop but will not distract you.  When you finish you can save your file as a .txt, PDF, or RTF.  OmmWriter is a great free application.  If you are interested in the paid version (Dana II), head over to Soto’s website.
I hope everyone had a great week and a nice Thanksgiving.  Happy Chanukah to everyone celebrating.  A quick note:  There will be an application giveaway courtesy of MacPaw soon.  I hope everyone plans on participating.  A blog post about that will be up soon with all the details for you guys to win.  Like always, there will be three lucky winners so get excited!



  1. Cerise W. says:

    I pretty much have to try this out now.

    I used to use Write Room but hate how it look.

    Thanks for doing this review.

  2. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the comment, Cerise. I have fallen in love with this application, and yes I have used WriteRoom too. Not my favorite as of now.

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