iTunes 9 RSRC Modding Guide

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This is a quick guide to modding the iTunes 9 interface using the iTunes RSRC File. This will only work for OS X, sorry Windows users. You’ll need ThemePark from here to mod the RSRC file.

This will not enable you to mod solid colored backgrounds such as the Grid View background (which is, to the dismay of many, now a white color).

Opening the RSRC File

After installing ThemePark, locate your RSRC file by right clicking iTunes in the Applications folder and selecting “Show Package Contents”. Go to the Contents\Resources\ folder and open iTunes.rsrc with Themepark
If you see three empty panes upon opening, scroll all the way to the right and then scroll back to the left. This should fix it.


Understanding What You See

In the left column, there are three options. The guide will be broken apart according to those options. Two important buttons for you will be the Send and Receive buttons. Pressing Send will send the currently selected image to Photoshop. You then modify it however you want and then hit receive in Themepark again. This will flatten the image in Photoshop and paste it as the new image in ThemePark.

This section contains various icons used within iTunes. No major parts of the interface are found within here.

• 128 is the generic iTunes icon
• 266 is the AppleScript icon that is displayed in the menubar if you have any AppleScripts installed
• 300-307 are the icons used in the Preferences toolbar
• 309 is the Podcast icon, although I am not aware of where it is used
• 4300-4376 are the icons displayed in the devices window depending on what iPod or iPhone you have.

I have no experience modding this section but it contains mostly image masks and some basic images for the Store and Genius background image (9906). This section is labeled for the most part so I won’t give much explanation.

• 9020-9043 are the images for missing artworks of every thing (music, movies, genius mixes, apps, tv shows, etc.)

This section is likely the reason you are here. This is where all parts of the interface are stored. I was unable to identify some images and identify where others are used. Also, images such as the “X” button in the search bar were hard to pinpoint

• 131 and 132 are sync/download in action images. Used in the Podcast section
• 138 is for the Playlist creation menu. Buttons to add, remove, and elaborate options to a playlist
• 140 is a drop down menu select used throughout the interface
• 142 is a padlock icon
• 146 is a the steps for an animated padlock images, each image is a frame in the animation
• 146 and 148 are Volume Down and Volume Up images, respectively. I am unsure where they are used
• 153 is the Now Playing sections background. Left image is active state and right image is inactive state.
• 154 is the Apple Logo which appears in the Now Playing section when nothing is playing, syncing, updating, or downloading
• 200 is a small, gray padlock. I do not know where it is used
• 280 is a 96×96 iTunes logo
• 292 is the generic iTunes filetype icon. Used in Downloads window, I believe
• 293-295 display the number of files you are attempting to drag. 293 is 1 digit, 294 is 2 digits, and 295 is 3 digits
• 300 and 301 are the sidebar selection gradients for Aqua and Graphite respectively. Left side is active, right side is inactive
• 302 and 303 are the same as 300 and 301, just slightly larger
• 304 is the column header images (where Artist, Album, Name, etc. are displayed). Left is inactive, middle is active, right is pressed
• 306 is a bunch of various small icons (10 px height). Unsure of where or if they are used
• 308 is the arrow to collapse items within the sidebar. Left side is active, right is pressed. Not sure where the white arrows are used
• 310 is just the checkbox images. Left is inactive, middle is active, right is pressed
• 312 and 313 is used when displaying the Browser in horizontal mode. 313 is the background image, 312 is the denoter image that tells you it can be dragged
• 314 is more arrows like 310. Unsure of where they are used
• 316-320 are the Play/Pause/Rewind/Fast Forward/Stop buttons for the main window. Unsure why there are 5 states
• 322-326 are the same as 316-320 but for the mini-player
• 328 is the volume icons used for the volume slider
• 330 and 332 are selection images, unsure of where they are used
• 350 and 351 are the empty and full volume slider backgrounds, respectively
• 352 is the slider knob
• 400 and 401 are images I have no idea about
• 412 and 414 are gray ringtone icons used throughout iTunes
• 431, 432, 433, 436, 470, 654, 906, and 908 are the buttons used in the bottom bar of iTunes
• 434 is possibly the audio output selection button
• 435 is a “Go to fullscreen” button, unsure of where or if it is used
• 439 is an empty button. Not sure why it is even in here
• 441 contains sidebar icons 32px in size (this is the size used in my iTunes from the looks of it)
• 442 contains sidebar icons 36px in size
• 443 contains sidebar icons 128px in size
• 445 is the sidebar eject button
• 450 is the sidebar error icon
• 452 is a blank sidebar icon background for 445 and 450
• 454 is a Genius icon. Unsure of where it is used
• 456 is an Information icon that is displayed in the Now Playing area
• 458 is the sidebar icon for Devices battery
• 461 is the jump to icon in the Now Playing area (back arrow)
• 466 contains 32px icons of all the iPods, likely for the sidebar
• 468 is the same as 466, only 36px in size
• 473 is the Cancel “X” button that appears in the Now Playing area
• 475 is a progress bar empty image
• 476 is used for the progress bar as well, not sure how though
• 477 is the busy progress bar
• 478 is the progress bar corner fill images
• 481 is another black padlock icon
• 487 is the triangle icon in the Now Playing area that cycles through information
• 488 is the same as 487, only 3 pixels larger
• 492 and 493 are the inactive and active search boxes, respectively
• 493 and 498 are input boxes
• 512 is another progress bar empty image, I believe this is the one that is used for the most part
• 513 is the current position diamond for the progress bar
• 514 is the fill image for the progress bar (only right most column of pixels repeats)
• 522 is the EQ Window background
• 528-531, 543-548, 564, 1561 are the ratings starts
• 534 is a search and cancel button, likely for the Now Playing area
• Not sure what 537 and 538 are used for. They look like what is displayed in Finder in 10.6 when multiple files are selected
• 540-542 are the View Selection images
• 550-553, 558-563 are used for the new iTunes Store navigation menu
• 554-557 appear to be for slider images within the Store, although I am unsure of where exactly
• 570-573 are the selection images for Grid View (Aqua and Graphite)
• 574 and 574 are the shadow images for album artwork in Grid View
• 576-588 appear to be the Grid View images from iTunes 8
• 590 and 591 I am unsure of, likely more Grid View
• 592 and 593 are for Widescreen Video Grid View selections
• 600-626 are from the iTunes 8 store navigation
• 644 is a small version of the Now Playing background. Unsure of usage
• 646 is two images that say “:30” and “:90”. Perhaps used for ringtones.
• 648 is another set of “X” cancel buttons
• 649-652 are arrows pointing right, left, and down. 650 is the arrows displayed next to the three main columns in the library that link to the store
• 656 is the search bar magnifying glass
• 658 is an unknown gray oval
• 659 is the image used for the divider between the sidebar and the album artwork
• 662 is the “+” logo used to denote iTunes+ tracks
• 668 is the Genius logo used in the Now Playing section
• 669 and 670 are back/forward buttons. Not sure where there are used though
• 671 us a blue outlined arrow icon like in 650
• 710-718 are used to denote Audiobooks, PDFs, Video, HD Video, HD or SD video, and Close Captioning within the List view
• 720 is a set of letters and numbers. Not sure where they are used
• 722 and 723 are unknown gray ovals
• 724 is a Download button for the Toolbar, never seen it used
• 732 is another blank button for the toolbar
• 748 is a drop down button
• 774 and 776 are an AOL Logo and an Apple logo used for the iTunes Store sign in window
• 778 is unknown
• 780 is checkboxes
• 786 is another drop down menu
• 788 is a tick marks
• 790 is more blank buttons
• 792 is another drop down
• 794 is more checkboxes
• 796 is another blank button
• 798… more blank buttons…
• 880-886 are also used for the iTunes Store navigation
• 910 looks like it is an Aqua progress bar
• 951 is grayscale checkboxes
• 952 is unknown
• 954 is a vertical redline, otherwise unknown
• 970 is back and forward arrows without any background
• 980-984 are 16px icons of a folder, book, smart book, box, and photo. Unknown
• 1000 and 1034 are used in iTunes DJ, I believe
• 1035 follows Window Texture patterns but is unknown where exactly it is used
• 1200-1204 are used in the Genius Menu, in the top “Based on:” menu
• 1550 is unknown
• 1551-1562 seem to be white versions of the iTunes Store navigation
• 1656 is a magnifying glass, unknown where it is used
• 2000 is the background to the new video controller. Includes progress bar in image
• 2006 is the progress star images used for the new controller
• 2012 is the volume images used for the new controller
• 2014 contains every other image used in the controller
• 2018 is a “Jump To Fullscreen: glyph, unknown usage
• 2019 is the close button found when hovering over a video in the iTunes window
• 2020-2030 are unknown, possibly the controls for videos when opened in a separate video. I can’t get that to work though so I can’t be sure
• 2039 is a vertical gray bar, otherwise unknown
• 3003-3010 are unknown
• 3004 are the tabs within the device management area
• 3011 is more blank buttons
• 3013 is unknown
• 3019 is the blue background on the bottom of the device area
• 3020 is the memory usage images for devices management area
• 3022 is the legend for the memory colors
• 3026 is background behind area where “Sync” button appears in device management
• 3027 is unknown numbers
• 3032 and 3034 are Google and Yahoo images
• 3200 and 3202 are used for sliders within the device management area
• 3210 and 3212 are the slider images for the EQ Window
• 3500-3506 are regular sized, vertical scrollbars
• 3507-3513 are regular sized, horizontal scrollbars
• 3514 is corner image that appears between horizontal and vertical scrollbars
• 3600-3606 are dark scrollbars which are no longer used if I remember correctly
• 4400-4579 are icons for every iPod ever released
• 4600 is the dock image for the iPhone management screen, I believe
• 4601 is screen changing image for iPhone management
• 4602 is delete button for iPhone management
• 4603 and 4604 is app selection images for iPhone Management
• 4605 is iCal image for iPhone management
• 4610 and 4611 are unknown selection images
• 7000-9050 are unknown. 7000-7006 appear to be for rounding window corners. 9050 follows similar design pattern to image above album artwork
• 9051 is a Genius image, approximately 128px in size
• 9100 is newer Drag Number images for 1, 2, and 3 digits
• 9106-9109 are unknown to me
• 9110 is an error icon, possibly for the Now Playing area
• 9111 is another grid view selection image
• 9112 is a volume icon
• 9113-9117 are used for Genius Mixes
• 9120-9200 are unknown
• 9210-9270 are various icons at 60px. Unknown what they are used for
• 9900 is frames of an animated wavelength image. Can’t recall where it is used
• 9202-9204 is the “Busy” image used in the Sidebar when something is downloading or syncing
• 13000-13016 do not appear to be used
• 13017-13019 are the traffic lights for the main window
• 13020-13022 are the traffic lights for the mini player
• 13042 and 13044 are the corner drag images for the main window and mini player, respectively
• 13200-13301 are window textures. 13200 is the top windows main image. 13201 is the highlight image for the top window texture. 13202 is the bottom bar texture. 13207 is another image I am unsure of where it is used but it follows the same pattern as the rest of these so modify it to follow your design as well. 13208 is the highlight image for 13207. 13300 is another one, similar to the bottom texture. Same with 13301.
• 20300-20302 appear to be larger sidebar selection images
• 22458 is the sidebar device battery icon again
• Remaining images appear to be masks for the sidebar images


  1. Zohar says:

    Trying to open the iTunes.rsrc file with ThemePark I get this pops up

  2. Steve says:

    Glad to see you’re on here Josh!

    This guide = godly. Infinite thanks again!

  3. patrick james says:

    Yeah, great to see this! Very useful resource. Thanks man! :)

  4. Josh says:

    @Zohar: You need to use Themepark 3.1, not the latest beta.

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