Iconpaper turns 2!

Written by Vivian in General

Hi there,

Today is the day, Iconpaper turns 2, it’s time to celebrate!

With the participation of some generous partners, we organize three contests letting you have THREE chances to win a nice app for your Mac (more than $1000 worth of prizes). Click here to say hello to pepe, our little mexican buddy, and know more about theses contests. Notice that you can reach the contest page from the header, you just need to click on the stars card.

What’s next?

If you are a regular visitor you know that Iconpaper needed a fresh new website. During the last months, I was busy to design and code the new website whenever I could. Fortunately for us, some friends joined me to code the website, thus accelerating development and enabling us to release a beta for our second anniversary (mid-april).

The beta phase was great and our beta testers were really enthusiast. We got many feedbacks but unfortunately I have not had enough time to implement everything we had planned. I was greatly delayed because, on a more personal level, I’m currently back to my home country so I don’t have much time to code. So, we have finished the mandatory features to launch the website the faster we can, you’ll finally have a more comfortable browsing.

Spread the word, Iconpaper is back!

The website is still in beta, meaning that we’ll continue to add the missing features during the next months. Our private beta will continue as long as necessary, we still need you (link to the beta can be found at the bottom of the website). I know that some people would like to enter in the private beta but beta invites are closed, sorry guys.

Have a nice and happy summer and enjoy our new website.

PS : The updates will begin tomorrow. Expect for a lot of goodies during this week (it’s time to submit guys).


  1. Emitor says:

    Twitter and facebook? What about tumblr? I stand by tumblr being a good source for social networking sharing.

  2. Emitor says:

    social networking.*

  3. Selis says:

    Cool, congrats on getting it up and running.

  4. MacSnider says:

    Nice work, I love it, it looks so beautiful :)

  5. Abdulrahman says:

    Congrats for the update, the web site become more helpful and fast.

    The best web site for customization your devises. Good job

    (Just closed my adblock for this web site ;p)

  6. Daem0n says:

    Amazing job! I really love the new look and I’m looking forward for the rest of the “goodies” that you’re planning. ;-)

  7. Patrick says:

    Very great design!
    I have only one thing that disturbs me a little bit.
    I always read your new articles with Google Reader.
    I have multiple Tabs opened of your Site and it’s really annoying that the download link always opens a new tab.
    Maybe not so important but maybe think about it.

    • Vivian says:

      We could do that but I think most of people prefer to have this open in a new window option, because they don’t want to come back to the website each time they click on something. Because we do what people want, we’ll make a poll to know what the majority wants :) .

  8. Cerise W says:

    Wow! I love the new look Vivian. Iconpaper 2.0 :D

    Take you time, don’t rush greatness.

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