IconBox 2.5 Review

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Hi all! I’m so sorry, I thought I had posted this two weeks ago but I guess not.

There are so many different Mac applications that can help organize your icons. One of the most well known is Panic’s CandyBar, which we reviewed back in 2010, a year after it came out. Six years before CandyBar was released, IconBox 1.0 was being sold. Iconbox has since been updated, the most recent release being version 2.5. It is truly amazing how much IconBox was evolved over the years. Now that IconBox is for sale on the Mac App Store, I would like to share with you my review of its newest version.


Just like 2.0, there are four main modes of IconBox 2.5. The first is organize. IconBox organizes your icons into “boxes”, which is pretty much a folder. All your icons are put into “boxes” for easy access. “Boxes” can be dragged on top of each other and put into groups. Just like “boxes”, groups can be dragged on top of each other, creating even more groups. IconBox accepts different icon formats such as ICNS, PNG, TIFF, JPEG, PDF, and CandyBar’s iContainer. The best feature is IconBox’s “Smart Boxes”. For those who are familiar with iPhoto or iTunes, “Smart Boxes” are like smart albums or smart playlists. You create the criteria for the “Smart Boxes” and IconBox constantly updates the “box” fast and efficient.


The second mode is customize. This mode allows you to customize your system, application, dock, and volume (like the USB or portable hard drive) icons. The nifty part of this mode is the IconBox Helper Tool. It comes with your purchase from the IconBox website. If you buy IconBox from the App Store, then you can download the Helper Tool for free here.


The third mode is Tools. Unlike the other modes, there is only one tool, X-Ray. X-Ray is possibly my favorite feature. This tool scans your application folder and lists your applications. When you click on an application, all the images and files within that application package can be seen, opened in Preview, and exported. The old way of doing this was by right clicking an application and choosing “show package contents”.


Finally, the last mode is online. This mode is really nice. From here, you can view a new icon every day. If you find one you like, you can import it directly into your IconBox “boxes”. If you like the icon maker’s style, you can go to their website or retweet about the icon from this section. The next subcategory in the online mode is a list of icon sites regulated by IconBox. By double clicking a website, the site opens in your default browser. And my favorite one in this mode is the Iconfinder section. IconBox lets you search through iconfinder.com to find 155,000 different icons and lets you download them instantly to IconBox.

Now that you know all the features, let me tell you some details. You can download a free trial on the IconBox on the IconBox website. After trying it out, you can buy the full version (also available on their website) or on the Mac App Store for $14.99 (this price is 40% off in honor of IconBox being on the Mac App Store, so act fast if you want to buy it).


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    Some screenshots would be nice in a review.

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    No problem, thanks for the review !

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