iBooks background for Finder

by bobjr

Zoom on iBooks background for Finder
VN:F [1.9.13_1145]

Link to download

VN:F [1.9.13_1145]


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VN:F [1.9.13_1145]
VN:F [1.9.13_1145]
VN:F [1.9.13_1145]
VN:F [1.9.13_1145]

Category: Misc.


Note:  Some shelves for your Finder, install with Cmd+J and these instructions.

Shortlink: http://bit.ly/iUrCKG (one click to select)


  1. Michael says:

    beautiful background, but for some reason it doesn’t work on my computer. any ideas why not? it just leaves the background white.

  2. Vivian says:

    How do you do exactly to apply it? You need to switch your Finder view to icon then, press Cmd+J, choose picture as background and finally, choose your background. I just tried and it worked.

  3. Michael says:

    i have found several images of this sort, all different patterns, and none of them seem to work. it works fine with other images, but for some reason, all the ones designed to be finder backgrounds just leave the background white. i’m really confused about it.

  4. Vivian says:

    Me too because it’s just another image, same file extension I guess. :? Do you have Snow Leopard?

  5. Michael says:

    yep. i’ve tried saving the images as every different file type that mac’s will save to (ie jpg, png, tif, pdf, gpa, etc), and nothing works. but every other image file (ones that weren’t designed as finder wallpapers) work fine. if i take a screen clipping when the not-working files are open in preview, the clippings work. but the original files simply will not.
    and yes, i have snow leopard.

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