How to: Change or remove alias arrows

Written by Vivian in Screencasts

This week in our screencast, we’ll show you how to change these little arrow icons. You can make your custom ones or simply grab some alias icons. And for minimalism lovers, remove all arrow icons just by deleting the aliasbadge icon.


Be safe, repair your disk permissions with disk utility app after your changes.

Log out to apply changes, or simply quit Finder. Enjoy!

PS: You can watch this video in HD by pressing HD at the top right of the video and follow instructions.


  1. Erc says:

    Or, you just replace “alias“ icon in CandyBar with “BLANK ONE“ or anything else you like…

    this is just too “clickity-clack“ if you ask me…


  2. Vivian says:

    Thanks for your feedback Erc :)

  3. hotiron says:

    IconBox 2.x ( can do this too in the Customize/System panel under Badges. But I love the fact that this screen cast shows you how to do it the free way. Well done! And of course I just love the replacement badges you have chosen for this example. Sweet!

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