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Hi customizer friends,
That’s right, a blog post about TRON! Facing to this great event in the geek community, I had to write about this movie. For many of us the original one was a childhood film, so hearing about a new TRON movie was a great news. Designers from the world began to work on their TRON projects, some of you may have seen the special TRON contest organized by Threadless featuring some incredible designs.

For your Mac

Last year, when TRON: Legacy was officially announced, Matthew Rex made some great TRON goodies. An icon pack which includes four light discs and a wallpaper pack which includes three variants.

For your iDevice

One year later, the movie was almost here and designers began to work hard on their TRON projects.

TRON for iPhone
This iPhone theme is available for retina and non-retina devices.

TRON: Legacy
A new pack of iPhone wallpapers by Matthew Rex.

An iPad wallpaper featuring a light cycle race on your screen, also available for iPhone.

A beautiful pattern design for the Tron postcard competition over at dontpanic.com. Available in 674×950 this pattern is ready for non-retina devices but missing 10 pixels for the retina devices.

Work in progress

If you are a designer you know it, personal projects can took a lot of time. TRON: Legacy is still in theaters and new work in progress will begin while old ones will be released. Iconpaper will follow all these work in progress, so keep an eye on our homepage to check for these upcoming stuffs or bookmark this page, we will update this post.

Prekesh Chavda is working on this gorgeous helmet icon inspired by Elias Keppens.

Anton Kudin is working on this wallpaper.

Mike Speero is working on a media player for your iDevice.

I hope this post will be useful for many of you. Stay tuned!

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  1. ABasketOfPups says:

    The link to the Tron for iPhone theme has an extra “H” in it, so it doesn’t work (“hhttp”) without copying/pasting/deleting that.

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