Highlights on Superheroes : 62 icons, 18 wallpapers

Written by Vivian in Highlights

This month in Highlights, we’ll present a bunch of icons and wallpapers about these Superheroes. It’s not surprising that designers are often inspired by them. Most of us grew with these Superheroes, and now the movie industry burn the roof down with all their Superheroes movies. From Batman to Iron Man, everyone has his favorite. Your desktop too!

Ready to customize? Look what we found.


First in our Batman roundup, the legendary black mask available for your dock.
Here, we have a huge pack including 9 icons and 2 wallpapers from the last Batman movie. Works by Matthew Rex.
A bit more unique, here is an amazing icon pack of hand drawn icons.
Suit up your Bowtie with this icon replacement, a tribute to the Joker.
Now, here are the wallpapers. Let’s begin with this grunge Batman wallpaper with the new logo, by Louie Mantia.
In the same style than the other one, but different. A nice textured wallpaper with the shadow of the dark knight.
Last Batman wallpaper, here is a minimalist one featured on Simpledesktop.

Iron Man

First in this Iron Man roundup, a complete Iron Man icon pack, with helmet icon, folder icons, Finder icons,… Two color variations included (metal or original).
Susumu made his own Iron Man icon, two icons are included in this pack (with or without damages).
To complete your helmet collection, a pack of three Iron Man is available on YellowIcon. Browse their download pages to find a Superman pack and a Spiderman one.
We have some stuffs for your iPhone too! Don’t miss this great pack for iPhone which includes two Iron Man wallpapers (for your lockscreen and your springboard).
And, this great digital painting which can be used on an iPhone (iPhone 4 ready).

Captain America

For our beloved Captain America, here is a gorgeous pack which includes two high quality icons and a wallpaper.
And, two Transmit icon replacements.
Now for your desktop, a minimalistic wallpaper available in several variations.

Last thing but not the least for the Captain, some gorgeous digital paintings made by Mitch Breitweiser (from covers he did for Marvel). If you’re a real fan be sure to download them.

Spiderman, Green Lantern and Superman
Still need more? There is a lot of Superheroes but only a few available for your desktop. After Batman, Iron Man and Captain America, here are a last bunch of Superheroes.

After our best inspiring heroes, let’s talk about the green man. Need a green wallpaper for your desktop? Check out this amazing wallpaper.
A second wallpaper featuring the green power, a simple but nice minimalistic one also available for iPhone.
Peter Parker is here and available in two really nice icons. Two another great works by Diego.
For your lovely iPhone, Dan Luvisi (father of the upcoming L.M.S. license) made this great artwork, perfect to be used as wallpaper (iPhone 4 ready).
And last but not the least, Superman. Here is a grunge wallpaper pack which includes several variations.
And a nice minimalistic wallpaper featured on Simpledesktop.

See also : a Batman wallpaper using the graphic novel “The Long Halloween”, a Batman’s shuriken icon, a Joker icon replacement for your Finder, the ARC reactor by Tony Stark and an Iron Man icon replacement for your Finder.

Highlights is only a way to discover stuffs we’ve missed or old stuffs for new customizers. So there may be many things you already know but we hope at least you have discover a few! Enjoy!


  1. emey says:

    I specially like the icon by Diego Cay, ossom details :D

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