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Written by Lisa in Apps

Hey guys!  Sorry for not posting a review last week.  School has started getting a bit harder, but don’t worry, I’m going to continue these weekly reviews.  Today you guys will get a good view at the well known application, Growl.  Growl is a free application for Macs.  Growl gives users a simple alternative to notifications.  It runs unobtrusively in the backround of your computer, popping up when different jobs on your computer have finished.

Growl has many features, all very useful and simple.  Growl works with hundreds of different Mac applications so you can get notified when a job has been completed.  I listed only a couple of the many different ways Growl can notify you.  These notifications are all working seamlessly in the corner of your screen.  Thanks to GrowlMail, Growl Safari, and GrowlTunes, you can get notifications on your email, aims, safari downloads, iTunes songs, CD burning, and many more.  All these features are super useful for people who want to know what is happening behind an application, but they don’t want to take the time to do so.

So, you guys know how Bowtie and Ecoute have themes, right?  Well so does Growl.  Because Growl offers notifications on your screen, you get the ability to download Growl themes and control which applications can give you notifications.  Let’s talk about themes first.  There are many different themes for Growl, all ranging in opacity and darkness.  In fact, Iconpaper even has a pages full of a variety of themes, all unique.  I myself prefer Lucido by OrionTwentyone (which is previewed in the above picture).

Growl also offers the ability to check and uncheck the application the applications that will give you notifications.  Applications like Firefox, Evernote, Twitter, Skype, AIM, CleanMyMac, and many more are on my list.  How about yours?

So that about sums up this weeks review.  I hope everyone had a good week and will have a great weekend!  To sum up, Growl, a free, useful application, gives you simple notification on the corner of your desktop.  You can choose the style of your notification form dark and opaque to light and translucent.  Growl offers notifications for tons of applications!


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  1. I’m not too sure what life was like before Growl. Not even sure I know anyone with a Mac that doesn’t have it either. It’s so necessary I wouldn’t dream of not installing it. Although I don’t go over board with the notifications, just the important tasks I wanna keep my eye on. ^_^

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