Gemini Review

Written by Lisa in Apps

Two years ago we reviewed MacPaw’s CleanMyMac and MacHider.  Today I will be reviewing another MacPaw application, Gemini.  And just like the other two applications, Gemini’s name describes what the application does.  It tracks down any duplicate files on your Mac and deletes them.  The process is completely safe and helps to free up space for your computer.


The process of location any twin files is quite simple.  Just drag and drop whatever file or folder you want into the Gemini window.  The Auto Select feature allows you to delete the duplicate files you want deleted, allowing you to save the ones you want to keep.  Gemini also scan any external drive connected for duplicates.


Gemini’s unique scanning algorithm acts fast but accurate to ensure the safety of your files.  MacPaw even has a built in ignore list, making Gemini avoid any important files.  When a file is detected and deleted, it is put in your Trash, not permanently deleted from your computer.


Gemini’s beautiful UI shows what duplicate takes up the most space through the data visualizer.  Big files are prioritized in order for you to see the largest duplicated.  Gemini’s also has a built in file preview with metadata information.

Gemini is a pretty nifty Mac OS X Lion application that is simple to use.  It’s a must have for people looking to save some space on their computer and to be more organized.  You can buy Gemini on the Mac App Store for $7.99.




  1. Mike says:

    Where’s the tinniest link to buy/download the app? Why can’t you provide the common link to the app store?

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