Gaia 10 : Tons of wallpapers, themes and icons!

Written by Vivian in Highlights

This month in Highlights, a special edition to feature the Gaia 10 project!

What’s Gaia 10?

Gaia is a community project to raise awareness for climate change. With the support of Greenpeace Brazil, each year many talented artists contribute to this project to celebrate the beauty of nature through digital arts.

More informations about Gaia.

Quick Selection

On the Gaia 10 website, you’ll find many goodies : Windows themes, Linux themes, Mac themes, Icons and Wallpapers. Tons of items to customize your desktop and, many more to be released. You definitely should take a look at their website, here is a quick selection of wallpapers I made for you.

Want more?

Icons and Mac themes will be featured in our galleries. Already featured : Gaia 10 icons, Gaia10 Adium status icons, Gaia10 Dock and his alternative version.

Stay tuned to see more goodies from Gaia!

1 comment

  1. joaogil says:

    someone should port the CAD themes for bowtie!!!

    it’s all i want to make my gaia screenshot!

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