Finally Iconpaper got a new server

Written by Vivian in General

As I told you in my last post, we’ve made a lot of optimizations to improve Iconpaper, to make it faster.
The next step was to bring Iconpaper to a better server. Mission accomplished!

Now, Iconpaper should be faster for most of you (migration can take 48 hours to propagate, it’s done for over 24 hours). In the coming days we will be attentive to the performance and further improve if necessary.

Contests postponed

Because of our speed problems, we’ve decided to postpone for one week the due dates of our three contests.
So, contest one is due for June 19th, while contests two and three are due for June 26th. We’ve also added a new prize for the third contest (Textastic), a great app for iPad owners.

Three contests, three chances to win (

First one is pretty simple : You just need to share the news about our new website and contests via your favorite social website (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr,…). Twitter is ok, but for others websites we need a proof (send screenshot or link via our contest email).

Second one is for customizers : You need to snap your screen with your favorite themes/icons. It’s a customization contest, we’ll judge the overall aesthetic as well the elements used. Contest theme is free.

Third one, this one is for designers : We ask to the designers to make an Iconpaper related wallpaper. Of course, this contest will have our best prizes.

You just need to send their entries to .
More informations about prizes and partners on our contest page.

Enjoy! :)


  1. LeandroBerna says:

    We are very happy for the new server!
    Now it will be even better surf Iconpaper. ;)

  2. Tobias Dahlström says:

    Finally it works smoothly! :-)

  3. Dusan Kitic says:

    Finally! The site is flying!!! Great job guys.

  4. Gildas says:

    Learning a ton from these neat artceils.

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