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There are so many iTunes controllers out there.  A very well known one is Bowtie, which was reviewed by Jonas back in 2009.  The one that I’m going to tell you guys about is Ecoute, an iTunes controller by PixieApps.  Ecoute is a small and minimalistic application that has very little buttons.  Ecoute lets you play your music, TV shows, and podcasts all without having iTunes open.

Ecoute is simple to use and has many different features.  Let’s start with the application itself.  Ecoute is very different compared to Bowtie.  Ecoute is like a mini iTunes.  When you open it, you get a small window with all the Artists in your iTunes library.  From there you just choose the Artist you want to listen to and that’s it!  You can click the white arrow on the top of the Ecoute window and then you are back to the Ecoute Artist list.  Now the features.  Ecoute allows you to do multiple things that Bowtie cannot, all in one window.  One feature is sharing your music with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or with  A great feature in Ecoute is the ability to watch the music video of the song your listening to.  Ecoute can find videos of the current song on YouTube!  With one simple click, a list of videos are opened on Ecoute that you can filter based on relevance, rating, play count, or global rating.  When you chose one, click on it, and that video will open on your browser and you’re set.  Another great feature is the ability to search for a specific song.  If you have a huge iTunes library, you can start typing a title, album, or artist and you’ll find the song you were looking for.

Like Bowtie, there are themes you can make or download for Ecoute.  There are websites that feature some great themes.  In fact, Iconpaper has a good number.  You can find all the Ecoute themes on Iconpaper here.  The PixieApps’ website also has a list of Ecoute skins that they like.  These are only some websites that have skins, there are many other people who post Ecoute themes on their own personal website.

I personally love Ecoute.  Whenever I do not want to wait for my iTunes to open, I know I can just open Ecoute and I’ll be all set.  I could not find one bug, although there has to be one, right?  Ecoute costs $10 but seems worth it.  You can download Ecoute and use a free trial.  Once your free trial runs out, you get 15 minutes of usage before Ecoute quits.  Ecoute seems nice, but it does bug me a bit.  I just cannot seem to get use to how small it is, as opposed to iTunes.  I think I would give this application a four our of five stars, but only because it is not my personal favorite, it could be yours though.  If I had to make a choice between iTunes and Ecoute, I think iTunes would win.

So here’s a quick summary of my review.  Ecoute, an application made by PixieApps, allows user to control their iTunes music, podcasts, and TV Shows without opening iTunes.  The minimalistic looks makes the application easy to use and nice to look at.  The application costs $10, but is worth it.  If you finish up the free trial, you only get 15 minutes of usage before the application quits.  Ecoute, like Bowtie, has themes.  Different themes can be found on different websites.  Iconpaper features some.



  1. Great write-up! I love Ecoute because my music library is huge and it’s faster than iTunes. And one of my favorite artists Mickka did a great replacement icon for it not too long ago here

  2. Lhowon says:

    One thing you forgot to mention is that when playing a song while the main player window is open, you can click on the cover displayed to see the lyrics of that song, if any apply.

    On a personal note, I am a major fan of Ecoute – if it could handle importing into my iTunes Library, and iPod/iPhone Syncing, I would be in heaven.

  3. Lisa says:

    really? i didn’t know this feature was available, thanks for the info! Totally agree with your porting iPod idea. That would be something!

  4. This has sparked my interest for sure. I’ve seen this app before but never took it for a test drive. Now that my iTunes Library is starting to push 40GB, not that much but enough to take a bit to open, this looks appealing.

    @chris weiss • that icon is pretty slick, thanks for sharing!

  5. I’m only using Ecoute, because it has more features than BowTie have when it comes to a desktop controller, but more over, you don’t have to launch iTunes which is a Gas factory (uses a lot of resources). This app uses the iTunes library (playlists, videos, tv shows…) and don’t need iTunes to be running: this is the great thing about Ecoute.

    FYI, Ecoute 2 is under development, and there will also be an iOS app:

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