DockDoctor Review

Written by Lisa in Apps

Another week and another Friday application review.  I just finished my Midterms and I’ve decided to congratulate myself with some customization.  I know most of you guys have CandyBar or IconBox, but I happened to stumble upon a free alternative to customizing your dock.  DockDoctor, an application by InnermindMedia, once allowed all Leopard and Snow Leopard users to switch their dock from 2D or 3D, but has now broadened their features to customizing the actual dock.  Read on for more information.

DockDoctor, when it was first made, allowed Leopard users to relaunch their dock and change it from 2D to 3D and vice versa through a dashboard widget.  DockDoctor recently updated their little known widget into a full blown application with the ability to customize your dock.  Sure, there are many applications are out there that can do the same thing, but this one does job nice and simple  Instead of opening CandyBar and waiting for the Dockoption to load, you can just open DockDoctor and drag a new dock into DockDoctor.

Sorry for the short review, but DockDoctor only really has two features so there’s not much to review.  I hope you guys had a great week and a good weekend.  Make sure to check out Iconpaper’s blog next Friday for another round of our application reviews.


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