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Hello there,

Kitestack is holding a new contest, the first dock design contest on Iconpaper. If you’ve already read our DesktopShelves review, you know that DesktopShelves by Kitestack is a dock organizer for your Mac. You can add docks on your desktop, then stack your files on them. They provides a bunch of docks but the best part is that we can design docks for this app!

So in this contest, you’ll have to design a dock for DesktopShelves. An easy way to win an iPod Shuffle!



1st prize is an iPod Shuffle.
10 DesktopShelves licenses will be given to random participants.


Designs must be valid 3-tile DesktopShelves designs uploaded using the Design Workbench. It’s pretty simple.
A Mac is not required (designs can be tested on the design workbench).


You’ll find all contest rules, details and submissions on Kitestack.
To browse submissions, follow the gallery with submissions on Iconpaper updated daily. Notice that all submissions will appear in our RSS feeds.

Due date

Tuesday Oct. 25rd 12 AM Pacific Time.


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