DesktopShelves Giveaway Winners

Written by Lisa in Contests

Im a little surprised.  This week’s giveaway had very little submissions compared to our previous two, finishing with 8 tweets and 2 Facebook likes.  This meant a greater chance of you winning a license.  However, we need more people to be entering in our giveaways for them to continue.  The three winners are below.  Thank you to the ten who entered as well as KiteStack, who supplied us with the three licenses.

The Lucky Winners:

Drum roll please…

1.  Syuniki Syunuki

2.  Erin

3.  Gar Krol

Congratulations to Syuniki, Erin, and Gar.  Click their names to see their twitter pages.  You three received an email earlier today from me with the links to redeem you’re free license.

Once again, thank you to everyone who participated and another special thanks to KiteStack for giving us the licenses.  I encourage all of you to go to their website and take a look around!  Be on the look out for our next application review because you never know when a reviewed application might be given away for free!

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