DateLine Review

Written by Lisa in Apps

Hey guys, so sorry about last week.  As you all know by now, Iconpaper was hacked twice and we are so sorry for the inconvenience.  To cheer you up, I decided it is time for another Friday application review.  The application DateLine, by MachineCodex, is not an application for finding dates, but one for modifying and putting your iCal on your desktop!  Sounds a bit useful, let’s learn some more!

DateLine has some pretty sweet features.  You can change the font color, size, width, and the transparency.  An even better feature is the ability to change the languages.  This is a great feature for our non-English speaking viewers.  The supported languages include: English, Japanese, German, and Portuguese.  Another convenient feature is double clicking a day will open iCal.  These are the freeware features.  If you want to buy DateLine, then the $4.95 required will get you some new and more advanced features like displaying iCal events in a pop up, locking DateLine application’s position, vertical orientation (as opposed to horizontal for the free version), and a couple more.  DateLine seems like a great application, useful for iCal users.  Unfortunately, I don’t use iCal at all, only to see an upcoming date, so this application is not too useful for me.  But, it could be useful for you guys.  I found no glitches or anything negative so I would say go give it a try, and if you like it a lot, buy the application.

DateLine allows you to place a themeable calendar on your desktop.  The application is free but more features are unlocked when you buy the $4.95 version.  The pictures are courtesy of MachineCodex, the makers of DateLine.  Some of the awesome features available are changing the font and its color, width, size, transparency…  Sorry for a short review, i’m in a bit of a rush.  I’ll be gone Friday and Saturday and will not have internet access, but you guys can still email me at [email protected] and I’ll reply when I come back.  Thanks for reading and I’ll have another one next week!



  1. blah says:

    I’m so sorry you all got hacked. :(

    I dunno who would ever want to do that to you fine folks. :|

    Anyway, glad you’re back, I <3 your site lol.

  2. Cerise W. says:

    Hacked TWICE? I thought it was only once.

    Any way, I’ve been using this app for a month now and LOVE IT!

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