DaisyDisk Review

Written by Lisa in Apps

Hi guys!  It’s been awhile since my last application review.  I trust you’ve guys had a good week and will have a nice weekend.  As you guys know, Iconpaper is always looking out for you and trying to make sure you guys will always have space on your Mac.  Today I will be reviewing DaisyDisk, an application that scans your harddrive and shows your what is taking up the most disk space.  Through interactive maps, DaisyDisk allows you to find files that may be larger than you thought and delete them.

DaisyDisk’s only feature is scanning your hard drive, but this is not necessarily a bad thing.  No matter how much space you have on your computer,  the amounts of data you store grows.  DaisyDisk scans your disk and then displays it in a form of an interactive map.  This way, you can preview and delete the files that are taking up the most space and may not be needed.  DaisyDisk not only scans your hard drive, but also any external drives that have been mounted (USB, internal disks, FireWire drive, and more).  You can add, delete, even eject the disk right from DaisyDisk.  This map is what makes DaisyDisk so unique.  I have not come across one other application that is useful and visually appealing all at once.  Everything is color coded and the transitions from one folder to another are beautifully animated.

This map that I talked about earlier can be a bit confusing.  Here’s a quick explanation of how DaisyDisk works.  When you begin, you select the folder or disk you want to visualize.  The app will then run through your disk, or access one of the many system files which stores your disk contents, and begin to display your data.  This may take a couple of minutes depending on how big your disk is.  When DaisyDisk finishes, a growl message appears telling you the application is ready to be used.  Once as the app has finished you will be presented with an image similar to the one below. You can now begin navigating your file system.  As I have mentioned earlier, each set of folders is color coded depending on where it belongs. System folders are in red and pink, Applications are coloured blue, User folders are in green and Documents in yellow. The colours are decided depending on the main folders on your disk and will vary depending on whats on your disk. The area of each space will signify the size of the folder or area on your disk.  And that’s about it.  You are now ready to go and clear out some space.

Unfortuanly, this application is not free.  I would recommend you guys go out and buy it only if you think you’ll have a use for it.  Remember there are always alternatives, but DaisyDisk is one of the best out there.  It costs $20 for a serial number but this does include free upgrades for life.  If you want to give it a test run first, download the newest version for Mac 10.5 or newer right on their website.  You guys can clearly see that I love this application, but how do you guys feel?  Write your opinion in our comments.

That’s it for this Friday’s application review.  This week has been pretty crazy.  We had a delay with the CleanMyMac serial codes but that has been cleared up.  I hope you three winners enjoy your new CleanMyMac application and for the other people who entered, thanks for trying and keep checking Iconpaper for a new giveaway.  Have a good weekend!



  1. Ben Lind says:

    Actually I think Disk Inventory X (http://www.derlien.com/) does a great job for free. Sure, it might not look as nice, but it works great on Mac, so what more could you ask for?

  2. Lisa says:

    Thanks Ben, I’ve never seen that application before. Sound’s good, I may take another glance at it.

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