Custom your iPhone with Winterboard (up to iOS 3.X)

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This tutorial is especially designated for beginners who would you like to give a custom look to their iPhone: It is as easy as 1- 2- 3

Winterboard, is very popular in the iPhone jailbreak land, as it allows even beginners to tweak and custom the Iphone interface, dear new comers and beginners this tutorial is for you

what you will need :

- iPhone V1/3G/3GS or iPod Touch jailbroken

- un client FTP : an FTP client such as Cyberduck ( free) or Transmit for Mac. (or FlashFXP for Windows)

Step 1 : Install Winterboard

Once your iPhone is jailbroken, you will have a non official App store alike, called Cydia Open Cydia and search for «Winterboard» and install it. Right after the installation, the iPhone will do a «respring» as we call it ; it will restart the springboard in order to apply the updates.

Step 2 : Find new themes is filled with amazing and beautiful themes, just pick up one you like from our themes list.For this tutorial I have chosen to use the CAROL theme available here. Once you have download the file and unzip it, here what you will see in the Carol folder:


For now, we will just focus on icons. Just click on the icons folder, in which you will find an amazing numbers of replacement icons.

Keep in mind, that in order replace an origin icon, by a custom one of your choice, the new icon file’s name must have the exact same name as the original.

For example: if you would like to replace the iPod, you will just have to name the new icon of your choice iPod.png. You will find out that often the images, have already the identical name for replacement, but it shouldn’t stop you from being creative and select another image option.

Once, you renamed, and selected all the icons you would like to replace, the next step is the wallpaper and the dock. As you can see in this example below they have been already named and selected as Wallpaper.png and Dock.png . But if you would like to use another image for the wallpaper and/or the dock, no worries, just make sure you renamed them accordingly Wallpaper.png and Dock.png.


Step 3 : Transfer the files in SSH

Now the next step is to transfer the theme to iPhone itself, thats why you will need OpenSSH , that what it is for, to connect in SHH to the iPhone, i.e to go through the OS files of the iPhone. OpenSSH, just like Winterboard, is to be found in Cydia.

Once OpenSSh is installed, the nest step is to connect in SSH to the iPhone via WiFi or USB.

Via WiFi
Open your FTP client , and enter your IP address ( located in Settings > WiFI > your network), as you can see below. Be careful to choose a SFTP protocol.


login: root
password: alpine

If you can not access a WiFi network,then you can connect via USB by using DiskAid. In this case, you will just have to connect the iPhone to your computer.

Once the iPhone plugged, be sure to got the the root folder ( in DiskAid located in the bottom left)> Drag and drop the theme into the Themes folder located in /Library/Themes/.


Step 4: Apply theme in Winterboard

Open Winterboard ( previously installed in step 1), you will find a list a elements some ticked off some not. You should see your them name appearing in this list ; in our example CAROL, select it and quit Winterboard.


The iPhone will do a «respring» to apply the new theme, et voila ! now your theme should show up.


To uninstall a theme, just tick it off in Winterboard.

Note: skins for the audio player or the lockscreen of the iPhone could installed the same way.


  1. iamse7en says:

    I so prefer BossPaper over Winterboard: much better interface, stability, and ease of use… plus it uses less memory. No brainer.

  2. Kai says:

    Bosspaper and Winterboard are two different Apps. Bosspaper only Wallpaper and Winteboard for a complete theme.

  3. iphone user says:

    when i try accessing my root folder using diskaid it kept saying that only a jailbroken device can access the root folder , but i have already run the blackrain jailbreak my phone has already been re-booted and i installed winterboard , anyone help?? :(

  4. Vivian says:

    Did you install OpenSSH?

  5. Tipsnote says:

    iphone user

    why don’t you search “afc2add” through Cydia, and then install it. it must help you.

  6. sam thapa says:

    i don’t see any theme option in the library section.

  7. sam thapa says:

    i don’t see any themes option in the library section via diskaid. can some body suggest me how to install.

  8. i cant see any themes options…why?

  9. why i cant see any options of those themes?

  10. options of themes? where i can see them?

  11. what about iPhone without jailbreak?

  12. nice post. i am just crazy about iPhone!

  13. what about apps for android?

  14. Vivian says:

    Go here to read more about customizing iOS4 and the iPhone 4.

  15. Amazing! thank you so much

  16. i don’t see any themes option in the library section via diskaid.

  17. moving says:

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  18. joei says:

    looking great

  19. הובלות says:

    thanks for the good ideas

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