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Written by Lisa in Apps

With school starting up again, many people going to college are going to want to save as much space as possible on their Macs.  It’s unbelievable how much garbage accumulates on your computer.  There are many applications that promise to do this simple task, but many of these applications don’t thoroughly clean your mac.  On July 10th, MacPaw released version 1.9 of CleanMyMac.  This Friday I will be reviewing the application CleanMyMac. CleanMyMac offers two main features, as well as many other smaller features: cleaning your mac, just like the name of the application says, and uninstalling applications/erasing files.

Let’s start with some of those smaller features I was just talking about.  One feature is a cache cleaner.  Cache files, when they build up, slow down your web browser and waste disk space.  With the help of CleanMyMac, you can clean your Photo Cache, User Cache, and System Cache.  Even better, after cleaning your caches, your web browser will speed up.  The next feature CleanMyMac offers  is a log cleaner.  The log cleaner feature deletes useless logs.  These logs clutter your hard drive and they use up disk space.  Another great feature that is hard to come by is the Quick Erase feature.  Quick Erase gets rid of your document.  Say you have a private file you don’t want anyone to see.  To delete all traces of your super secret file just drag the file into the Quick Erase section of CleanMyMac and it’s gone!  Even better, if you never want to recover your secret file, then enable the ‘secure erase’ feature in CleanMyMac’s preferences.  There are over fifty features, so in order to save space for some other information, I will have to stop here.

CleanMyMac is a very useful application.  I tried it a couple days ago and managed to wipe 9.03 MB  from my Mac.  I know that that isn’t great, but it is something.  CleanMyMac is very easy to use.  All you have to do is check, or uncheck, the things that are listed on the sidebar (logs, chaches, plug-ins, applications) you want to keep or delete.  When you finish the checking, you click Scan and wait.  In about a minute, maybe more, your computer has been scanned and cleaned.  It’s that simple!  CleanMyMac has a great looking UI.  MacPaw gives us the option of changing the CleanMyMac theme from titanium (as seen in the picture above) or marble.  I personally like the titanium one, which also happens to be the default setting.  To change just go to Preferences and then Appearance.  Keep in mind, CleanMyMac is not a free application.  If you do not buy the application, which costs $15 for a six month license or $25 for a lifetime license, and instead you are using the free trial, you can only clean 500 MB before CleanMyMac disables you from scanning anymore.  All in all, CleanMyMac has earned a five out of five in my book.

Here’s a quick summary.  CleanMyMac, by MacPaw, allows users to do just what the name suggests, clean their mac and get rid of things like caches and logs that are useless and slow down your computer.  The great thing with this application is that it offers so many features that are all very useful, over fifty!  Some of the ones I covered are the Log Cleaner and the Cacher Cleaner.  The UI looks great, but if you don’t like the background MacPaw set the application to, another one is available in Preferences.  One last thing that is very important, the application must be bought to really see how great and useful it is.  If you use the free trial, you only can clean 500 MB from your computer.  Let me tell you guys, you get to 500 MB on your second or third scan.  It’s about $30 for the full version, but it is worth it!



  1. Mike says:

    I HAVE TO TELL YOU THIS IS THE BEST OUT THERE. I have cleaned like 50+ GB over time, and the features help u clean out much more trash than reviewed. Also, you can get it for $15 off bodega, they’re having a promotion if i am not wrong. This is really a must buy!!!

  2. oldschool says:

    Nice looking app but I still wonder if it’s useful for me… Gaining approximatively 10 Mb on a 1,5 Tb hard drive won’t cancel the need for bigger space ;-)

    @ Mike : you gained 50+ Gb in one piece or by using it for months ?

    Otherwise to gin space on small HD there’s also Squeeze which is a background file compressor. Again, no big gain but not a power drainer and still might be useful.

  3. Mike says:

    @oldschool I cleared 2GB on the first scan, and every week i scanned i cleared 1gb.. sometimes im paranoid and scan more than once a week or whenever i get a new app :/

  4. Prekesh says:

    I just downloaded this after reading this review, and it’s managed to find about 5gb of files that can be deleted. Great stuff :)

  5. Lisa says:

    Thanks guys for the great comments.

    Over time, you will clear more space than the application takes up, making it useful as long as you don’t use it for over one week.

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