Iconpaper is back!

Written by Vivian in General
Hi everyone! I apologize for the lack of news and updates during the last months. I had a new job and some personal issues that left me no time to manage and update Iconpaper. Maybe you already know this, but at Iconpaper I’m the only one that choose and post new artworks on the website. So unfortunately, if I have no time [...]

Gemini Review

Written by Lisa in Apps
Two years ago we reviewed MacPaw’s CleanMyMac and MacHider.  Today I will be reviewing another MacPaw application, Gemini.  And just like the other two applications, Gemini’s name describes what the application does.  It tracks down any duplicate files on your Mac and deletes them.  The process is completely safe and helps to free up space for your [...]

IconBox 2.5 Review

Written by Lisa in Apps
Hi all! I’m so sorry, I thought I had posted this two weeks ago but I guess not. There are so many different Mac applications that can help organize your icons. One of the most well known is Panic’s CandyBar, which we reviewed back in 2010, a year after it came out. Six years before CandyBar was released, IconBox 1.0 [...]

CrossOver Giveaway Winners

Written by Lisa in Apps
Wow!  This has been our most successful Mac application giveaway. We had thirteen twitter submission and nine Facebook likes. I’m really glad this giveaway was so popular compared to our last few. If you guys have any requests for an application you want to see reviewed or to be given away, comment below. So, without further ado, the three winners [...]
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