BetterTouchTool Review

Written by Lisa in Apps

Hey guys, I hope your week has been good. Today I’m going to review an application called BetterTouchTool. BetterTouchTool, by Andreas Hegenberg, is run on Snow Leopard only.  Do you guys want to learn more about it?

BetterTouchTool lets you set different gestures for your Macbook Trackpad and Might Mouse.  Another great feature is the ability to do things as if your Mac was a Windows 7, like window snapping, window switchers, and more.  I find it very useful to have these abilities available.  Having a touchpad that takes full advantage of all the different gestures it is capable of really pays off.  Of course, sometimes people prefer a mouse over a trackpad, and Andreas has thought about that.  Better Touch Tool provides different gestures for Magic Mouse, which is a problem if you only have a regular mouse.  A list of gestures for both the Mighty Mouse and Mac touchpad can be found here, along with a helpful video.  Sounds good, right?

So what do I think?  BetterTouchTool is a good, useful application for people who don’t like switching between different application, but still want to control running applications and their macintosh system in general.  For example, you can adjust the volume, control your music, put your computer to sleep, all with a couple finger taps.  A little funny feature that Andreas put in was the 11- finger tap, involving all ten of your fingers plus one toe.  Another great thing about BetterTouchTool is that it works on older Macs that don’t have multi-touch trackpads.  It’s pretty stable, but bugs are occasionally found.  On the plus side, the developer updates this application pretty often, which can only be said about a few useful application.  There have been reports where reboots are required because the UI freezes, but it is thought to be caused because QuicKeys is running as well.  Another bug found was where a computer was put to sleep and would not wake up.  The user had to shut down his Mac by holding the power button down, so use at own risk.  BetterTouchTool earns a four-and-a-half out of five stars.  I took away just a little because of the bugs, but it still earns a great grade for being awesome!

So as you guys can see, BetterTouchTool is a complicated application, but very useful.  It offers the ability to set gestures to different finger taps for Mighty Mouse and a Macbook trackpad.  For example, a three finger tap could open an application while a four finger tap could pause your music.  BetterTouchTool is free, but only works on Snow Leopard.  Have a great week you guys!

three-and-a-half stars

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