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Hey guys!  Sorry for my absence.  Today I’ll be reviewing Awaken, a great application by Embraceware Software Inc. In order to install Awaken, you must be running Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or higher.  Awaken has four major modes, all with their own features: clock, alarm, timer, and sleep.  These four modes will be broken down below.  Awaken is a mac application which can be downloaded on your mac through their website (a free trial) or bought for $9.99 in Apple’s app store.  Embraceware has also made a mobile Awaken available for the iPhone and iPad.  The iPhone/iPad application costs $1.99, but this review is centered on the Mac application, not the iPod version.

Let’s look at the modes.  The first mode I mentioned is the clock.  In this mode, you can view the current date and time and set your clock to a fullscreen mode, allowing you to see the clock from far away due to its larger size.  That’s pretty standard though, nothing special.


The next mode is the alarm, which is pretty handy. If your digital clock is broken, I would highly suggest throwing it out and instead of investing in a new digital clock, buy this application.  You can set a time for Awaken to wake you up.  Better yet, you can actually set multiple alarms, all with their own names labeled (like ‘Nap Alarm’ or ‘School Alarm’).  You can set the alarm to wake you up with your iTunes music or the built-in sounds that Alarm comes with.  And just like a normal digital alarm clock, there’s a snooze button.  Another part of the alarm mode is that you can set Awaken toopen up files or launch application when the alarm goes off.  If you own an Apple Remote you can control Awaken from far away.  You can also set keyboard shortcuts to make things easier for you while you are setting an alarm.  Awaken will also fade your volume and your Mac’s screen brightness for you.


The timer mode is pretty nice as well.  Like the alarm mode, you can set multiple timers at once, all with their own names (like ‘Oven Timer’).  Unlike the alarm, you can only use the built-in noises for when the timer goes off.  On the plus side, Awaken has over a dozen built-in sounds so I’m sure you can find one you like.  You can also set Awaken to open file or launch applications when the timer goes off, like the alarm mode.

Sleep mode is pretty basic and the features in this mode are pretty self-explanatory.  From Awaken, you can fall asleep to your iTunes music or the built-in sounds.  If you choose the iTunes music option, you can play specific playlists from iTunes and if Awaken should shuffle your music.  When setting up the sleep mode, you can control a variety of features.  For example, you can choose how long you want the music or sounds to be playing (hours, minutes, and seconds), if you want Awaken to go full screen, and if you want Awaken to put your Mac to sleep after the sleep timer is finished.  The last feature is my favorite because I can save battery while I sleep instead of hoping I have enough battery in my computer to survive my nap.  And like the alarm mode, Awaken will fade your volume and your screen brightness.

There are a few other features, but the ones above are the key to this application being so useful.  However, you should be warned that Awaken has a ton of extra and unnecessary features.  If you want an application that just allows you to set an alarm or timer, then you may not need to buy/download this.  If you like these features, like myself, then it’s worth the $9.99 you pay for it, but there is always the free trial if you want to try it out first.  I would also like to add a quick thanks to Vivian, Iconpaper’s head for all the help and Embraceware for the Awaken pictures.  What do you all thinkof Awaken?  Leave a comment below or email me at [email protected] with any application suggestions or just to say hi.  Have a great week!



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