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Written by Vivian in Contests

Here are the results of the first desktop screenshot contest organized by iconpaper.

For this first contest, there was no theme so the only criteria of our judges was their tastes. Please, be indulgent with notes, I remind you that this is a friendly competition for the pleasure of customization.

From now iconpaper’ll organize regular contests. With themes and other prizes I hope (if you want to be our partner for a next contest, please contact us).

Here is the rankings and ratings made by our impartial judges.
See all entries, with the average notes here.

1. stefano3486
2. hotiron
3. TkyoGoGoGodzilla
4. Rakundo
5. Echoes
6. Keir Ansell
7. Danny Nemer
8. phibz and Cory
9. DreadedKilla
10. Louie and Maxim Koval
11. Jean-Pierre Nelson
12. Fransesco Anderloni
13. Skorpion24, BOy-Of-WONDEr and technici
14. Jacob Welsh
15. Sebastian Hager and elcaracal.
16. x986123, rnpg1014 and Clémence Ducamin
17. z3ek147
18. Haydn Woods
19. sfpsp
20. elkendall
21. Vincent Bekter
22. vscudi and emey87
23. Tony
24. Joagil
25. Manuel Romero and Bart Van Itterbeeck
26. darklion21
27. mindlessmissy
28. Sayambhu Choudhury
28. Caliban

One more thing! The prizes was 21 Google Wave invites, right? To thank you for your participation to this first contest, I’m happy to announce that every participant will have his invitation. Thanks again for your support, it means a lot for us. :-)


  1. Eugene says:

    Sweet, I won :)

    Thanks :D

  2. manurro says:

    jejeje #25, is a good number :D . Was funny jaja , thks

  3. TkyoGodzila says:

    yay 3rd!

  4. Haydn says:

    18/28. Not bad for my first go! Lol :D 8)

  5. technici says:

    lol one of the best shots in this contest on the last place…you really should think about public votings. ;)

  6. Sebastian says:

    Well, I just take part for fun!

    I already have googlewave!

  7. Vivian says:

    @technici The notes are an average of 6 judge’s ratings.

    Maybe public votes but I don’t want certain people to be advantaged by calling their friends to vote. Or guest judges.
    Next time we’ll try another method to vote, to find the best way to have a fair and good judgment.

  8. Class says:

    *If anyone feels left out side of the Wave, write me! :wink:

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