Iconpaper is the first website dedicated to Mac, iPhone and iPad customization. This site is intended for everyone, whether you are advanced modder, novice or new switcher.

Our mission is to make the customization within the reach of everyone and provide you the best artworks for your beloved Apple products.

Stop being default, customize your Mac, iPhone or iPad and make it yours!


Iconpaper was founded in april 2009 by Vivian Verswyvel. The website is now curated by his founder and 2 enthusiast blog authors. Find more about our team by clicking on this link.

Iconpaper is a WordPress based website crafted by the Under My Code team, proudly hosted at Media Temple since 2011.

Iconpaper smileys are designed by Mathieu Cailleaud.

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Read carefully to know all about our website. Be sure to do not to miss anything of what we offer!

Fresh news

  • Home : A place where we feature the best artworks to customize your Mac, iPhone and iPad. The one to browse into our database.
  • Blog : Our blog authors write about everything you need to custom your Mac, iPhone or iPad (softwares, tips and tricks). In this section, you’ll find even more category like interviews, workspaces roundups or app reviews.


by categories

Artworks featured on Iconpaper are organized in categories to give you a better navigation comfort. You can browse popular categories like icons, docks or wallpapers but also more specific categories like iPhone music players or Mac app skins (e.g, Bowtie, iTunes,…).

by tags

We also use tags for all our goodies. When you are on the single page of a goodies, you can choose a tag and browse into it, you can even use the url tag template of wordpress to search by tags (e.g. iconpaper.org/tag/movies).

by colors

We know that colors are important when it comes to customization, so on our main page you can browse by colors by clicking on the color wheel and selecting the color needed. Notice that we uses tags for colors so you can browse via the url tag template if you want to (e.g. iconpaper.org/tag/blue).

Need more? You can browse our database by ratings or downloads by clicking on the appropriate choice at the bottom of our home page.


The artworks featured on our website are displayed on these elegant boxes. Learn how to use them.

  • The thumb up icon : Like on Facebook.
  • The chain link icon : Link to the source page of the artist. We (usually) don’t host goodies, we prefer to link to the artist/download page to give more visibility to the author.
  • The bubble icon : Click on it to enter the single post page, read more informations about the release, find similar posts or leave a comment.
  • The colored indicator button : Show the main category of the release, legend is available on hover.
  • The hover section : Title and author are displayed. Click on the magnifying glass to open a larger preview or rate the release from 1 to 5 stars.

Featured artist

At the bottom of the homepage you will notice a link to the portfolio of one of these pixel pushers. This link is to change every two weeks, allowing you to discover an artist and his works. If you are a designer and want to have your portfolio featured, drop us a line on twitter or via email at .


You can submit yours works in the submit section or via . We want to offer you the best releases, be aware that we will not publish everything you send us. If you send us your works, you submit them to our judgment, do not take it bad if your works are not all published.

We always give credits, the author is mentionned and we link the source page, author website when possible.


We have a single rotating ad zone that is linked to BuySellAds network. So if you are interested to advertise on Iconpaper, you’ll have to be registered on the network first. Find more informations about our ad zone on this page.

Any questions?

If you have any suggestions, problems or questions about the site, feel free to contact us at the following address : . You can even just drop us a line to say hello. We would love to hear from you!

Special thanks to Patrick Petit, Jeremy Sallée and Nicolas Rvola for their small inputs, thanks guys!Back to the top ^