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Written by Vivian in General

Hi guys,

Some of you seems to have a problem with our navigation. Links to other pages (page 2, 3,…) seems to link to a random post, sometimes they works sometimes they don’t. This is something very odd because, nothing has changed in our code, plus I never had this problem.

If you have this problem, you can use the URLs instead of these links (e.g. www.iconpaper.org/page/2 for page 2). Anyway all these problems (including the slowness of the website) will be solved, we are working to fix the whole website. Our eternal enemy is time, so be patient please :) . Thanks to our loyal visitors who keep visiting our site despite these bugs, we really appreciate that.



  1. Giulio says:

    Thank you for your nice site and for your the interest in it! Sometimes it’s slow but with the RSS feed works almost fine ;)


  2. beau says:

    always found website to be really slow, loading pages 2, 3, etc would have the correct url, but load a different page, no page or only load some of the content. searching for content is the worst as almost always would results load with half the content visable (and clickable), following pages are always extremely slow and often wont even load. rss feed is the best way to access content on this site. still best site online!!!

  3. Vivian says:

    Yes, our search engine needs a lot of improvements (and it will be improved!). Don’t hesitate to tell me what bugs you have and what we need to improve.

  4. James says:

    It just seems like your site loads extremely slow all the time. Get a better host or something.

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