1Password Review

Written by Lisa in Apps

1Password, the application that stores all passwords for websites and applications, is going to be reviewed this Friday.  I’m sure you guys have heard of 1Password by Agile Web Solutions.  Have you guys ever lost a password or forgotten one?  Maybe you need a complicated password but you cannot think of one yourself.  If that’s the case, 1Password is the application for you.  It’s free version lets you store a certain amount of passwords while its paid version (available for $39.95) holds an unlimited amount.

1Password has more features than just remembering your password.  Of course, that is the main selling point, but there are others. 1Password is like a vault.  In order to access everything inside, you need a master password.  You type this in every time you use the application or when you add something new to the vault, via safari.  When unlocked, 1Password displays all the websites you have passwords saved for by categories.  From the Login section, you can add, remove, or edit the saved passwords.  There is the Logins category, where all your website passwords go under.  Under that is the Accounts section, which remembers application passwords.  iChat, Skype, MobileMe, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, and others are included.  The next section, Identities, is similar to Apple’s Contacts.  This section lets you put in names and addresses.  The last section I am going to mention is the Software section.  This holds all your application’s serial codes.  There is also the ability to add folders and a storage for all your deleted information, the trash, and can be emptied anytime.  And finally, the last feautre, and possibly one of the best, is that 1Password can assign a complex password if you ask it to.  That’s right!  When you click ‘Generate’, 1Password comes up with passwords like this: 4QcEYQ5cMDMaGwaTxx.  You can assign the length of the password, from 50 characters to 1.  It also lets you know the strength of your password depending on the length.  What’s more is that you can tell it if you want hyphens, digits, repeating or ambiguous characters, the amount of syllables, and more.

Above are the features inside the application itself, bit there is also a feature when you use applications like Safari, Firefox, and other internet browsers.  When you go on a website that requires a password, like Facebook or deviantArt, a little bar will come up asking if you want 1Password to save this password.  You can click accept, never for this website, or not now.  Also, whenever you go to a website that needs a password and you have it saved on 1Password, you can right click, hover over the 1Password section, and select the website’s passwords.  It’s as easy as that!

This is a great application and I use it every day.  Totally worth buying unless you prefer to use  free application like Stickies to keep track of everything.  I love it so much because not only does it hold passwords, but I can have all of my important things, like serial codes, contacts, and such, in one place, knowing that it is secure and password protected.  I cannot think of one negative aspect of 1Password.  It has a lot of important features that together make up this great application.  In my opinion, it should be mandatory for all PC and Mac users to have.

*Expect the CleanMyMac giveaway Saturday or Sunday.  Get pumped guys!



  1. zip says:

    What about when you’re travelling and have to use internet in an internet cafe and don’t remember your passwords that are generated by 1Password?

  2. oldschool says:

    When you’re travelling, you use 1password for iPhone/iPod/iPad ;-)

    Great app, I use it flawlessly for more thn a year now.

  3. 1Password is an excellent application that no computer user should be without. I have been using this program since it was in Beta form and have seen it mature into an application I always recommend. The developers are awesome people who care about constantly making the application better. The iphone/ipad version is also worth having. It has saved me many times while I am traveling. Excellent review.

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